Amazing Lash Studio’s Expertly Engineered Model Maximizes Square Footage to Generate Higher Volumes
Amazing Lash Studio’s Expertly Engineered Model Maximizes Square Footage to Generate Higher Volumes

Through precise site selection and detailed floor planning, Amazing Lash Studio® maximizes studio space to deliver an incredible client experience—and the return-on-investment potential to match.

When a brand has grown as quickly and robustly as the Amazing Lash Studio brand has, it’s clear that operational synergy has been achieved. The semi-permanent eyelash extension service franchise is firing on all cylinders thanks to sound processes across all aspects of its business, real estate in particular. The brand’s real estate model is engineered to be both precise and flexible all at once, allowing the brand to enter coveted markets that may result in higher volumes system wide.

“Amazing Lash Franchise, LLC  has relationships with brokers and landlords in markets across the country on a national, regional and local level,” Amazing Lash Franchise Senior Director of Real Estate, JD Prager, said. “We identify and map out potential trade areas before even signing a franchise agreement. We get a clear idea of where to look from a demographic perspective and pay close attention to the available real estate within the search area to find the best options.”

Prager’s team is hands-on at multiple levels of the real estate selection process, providing Amazing Lash Studio franchisees with comprehensive support throughout the entire process.

“As a brand, we are  spending more time and energy on the front end looking for economical spaces,” Prager explained. “When entering a given market—filled not just with competitors in the beauty services industry, but other retailers in general—we have the advantage of being able to go smaller, which allows the brand to enter areas we may not otherwise have been able to.”

Because it isn’t confined to 2,000-square-foot space—Prager said that as more studios continue to open, his team is finding great opportunities in locations with between 1,200-1,400 square feet—the Amazing Lash Studio brand has a flexibility that can’t be found elsewhere in retail, let alone its segment. 

The Amazing Lash Studio model thrives in a space that can support approximately 10 private rooms, though the brand has been able to successfully accommodate anywhere between eight and 12. Amazing Lash Franchise’s real estate team is trained to maximize the square footage of a given location to the benefit of its franchise owners. By letting the space dictate the interior layout and room count, the Amazing Lash Studio layout wastes no space, which in turn keeps occupancy costs down. “It’s very economical as far as footprint and planning are concerned,” Prager said.

Utilizing a given space to the full extent of its capabilities allows for more efficient scheduling of services.

“It’s not just the square footage, but how  it is used that helps separate the brand from its competitors,” Prager said. “In large part, private rooms provide a better service and environment, which may potentially lead to  higher volumes.”

Prager explained that the trade area and surrounding geography of a given location can define the top line, so establishing studios in high-traffic areas makes their potential volume that much higher. 

The physical space that we go into contributes to how well we capture the potential of that trade area,” he said. “We establish ourselves in a location that is easily accessible, has high visibility and doesn't have outrageous occupancy costs..”

Amazing Lash Studio efficiency of space and quality of service amplify the atmosphere of its studios, creating an experience that generates repeat business and a loyal clientele. According to Prager, “The brand’s emphasis on real estate—creating a private setting that amplifies comfort—is what brings clients back over and over again.” 

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