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About Batteries Plus Bulbs

Batteries Plus Bulbs was the first organization to respond to evolving needs of the battery replacement and specialty bulb market. In Green Bay, Wisconsin, Batteries Plus Bulbs opened its first store in 1988, began franchising in 1992 and continues to flourish due to their unmatched product offerings and repair services. In 2014, Batteries Plus Bulbs refined their enterprise by launching smartphone and tablet repair services nationwide by providing in-store repairs for cracked screens, battery replacements, and more. Batteries Plus Bulbs offers an extensive line of premium battery products that cover every application from laptops, cell phones, to military equipment and heavy-duty construction appliances. 

Why Batteries Plus Bulbs?

With every franchise opportunity, success is a combination of industry demand, the franchise system/model and each individual owner’s efforts and worth ethic. Batteries Plus Bulbs franchise owners are provided with the tools, training, and resources to help them be successful including real estate guidance, in-field operations support, technical support, training and marketing. Click here to learn more

Batteries Plus Bulbs Solves Problems for its Customers
Investment Overview

A minimum net worth of $250,000 is required to become a Batteries Plus Bulbs franchisee and interested franchises must hold a positive credit rating. The initial investment to own a Batteries Plus Bulbs franchise is $189,250 - $366,350. The average amount of time to see a return on a Batteries Plus Bulbs franchise investment is 5 to 9 months once an agreement has been signed.

Franchisee Carl Tripp Discusses His Path to Business Ownership with Batteries Plus Bulbs
How Much Can I Make?

$1,394,889 average revenue for the top quarter of our stores*

53.5% is the average merchandise margin**

Many variables will affect how much you will earn from owning a Batteries Plus Bulbs franchise. Your time investment, work ethic, dedication to customer loyalty, and store location will all have an impact on the revenue you will achieve. While Batteries Plus Bulbs can not predict the exact amount of revenue your unique store will generate, above are some average numbers from their corporate stores.

*Net revenue average of $1,394,889 is based on the net sales average for the top 25% of all 662 stores open during the entire 2018 calendar year. There is no assurance you will do as well. See Item 19 of our 2019 FDD for further details. **See Item 19 of their 2019 FDD for further details.

Our Leadership Team

Scott Williams, CEO of Batteries Plus Bulbs

Jon Sica, Vice President, Franchise Development

Cathleen Jacobson, Vice President of Marketing

Rod Tremelling, Director of Franchise Development

Olivia Chiu, Franchise Marketing Manager

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