Facebook Expands Video Advertising Options
Facebook Expands Video Advertising Options

Advertisers will only be charged if viewers watch the first fifteen seconds of the ad on the platform.

Facebook has announced that advertisers will have access to more selective video options. According to a recent article in CNBC the social media giant is offering the ability for businesses to target specific video categories through the In-Stream Reserve program. This will allow them to target based on interests ranging from sports to entertainment.

The program will also allow businesses to place their ads on premium videos. This is content that Facebook itself has identified as particularly high quality and engaging. In order to access this option, brands will need to buy placements in advance.

The company also announced that it will only charge advertisers if their placement is watched for at least fifteen seconds. This will be done with the ThruPlay program, which is rolling out in Ad Manager. Facebook plans to roll it out globally within the next few weeks.  

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