Love at First Bite
Love at First Bite

How one customer’s first experience at Famous Toastery led to their First Franchisee

After moving to South Carolina, Jason and Michele Serkin were looking for a quality breakfast location for their family when they stumbled upon Toast Café, now known as Famous Toastery. After experiencing the quality food, service and experience, they were sold to become the first franchisees in the system. Signing on to open their first location in 2014, three years later the Serkins proudly have three open locations and are opening up their fourth in the coming months.

“We never had a plan to open as many as we do now,” said Jason. “We figured we would open one and see how it went.”

Clearly, it went pretty well for the couple as they helped grow the company to a 22-unit franchise system. Over the past years, the couple has seen the company grow and have been a major part of their success.

“Aside from the name change from Toast Café to Famous Toastery, there hasn’t been any major changes; we are just getting better at what we do,” noted Jason.

The family-friendly breakfast shop is always greeted well by new communities. It presents a sit-down option for towns that might be heavily populated by fast-food joints. It also offers great job opportunities for community members. Since it is a breakfast and lunch restaurant, people can work at the restaurant and be home at night to spend time with their families. This quality was something very important to the Serkins, as they had young kids themselves when they opened their first location.

“When we opened, we were in a location that had many fast-food spots, so we did really well by offering something different,” said Jason. “To be successful with Famous Toastery, it is important to have great food, great service and be involved with the community.”

Famous Toastery makes it a priority to be involved in the community. It places importance on employing local community members. 

Mostly Yongue Hicklen, a local Rock Hill dad and resident, will manage the Serkin’s most recent location, in Rock Hill, SC. Hicklen worked at the Serkin’s other locations and was chosen to help run the Rock Hill location after moving his way up through the business. His kids even go to the school that is down the street from the restaurant.

Famous Toastery is far from being done with expanding. While most of the locations are in the southeast, the company is starting to expand farther north and west. The Serkins were interested in franchising because of the proven concept and great support system but note that it is tough work.

“Make sure you have a passion and love what you are doing,” advises Jason. “We believe in Famous Toastery, which makes it easy going to work every day.”