Fat Tuesday Info

About Fat Tuesday

Fat Tuesday is the sister concept of New Orleans Original Daiquiris. Launched in 1984, the brand has become famous for its frozen specialty drinks and memorable atmosphere. While Fat Tuesday opened its first location in the home state of Mardi Gras, Louisiana, it has since expanded to more than 50 locations throughout the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Honduras. 

Why Fat Tuesday

For more than 35 years, Fat Tuesday has provided its customers with a consistent, high-quality product. The brand's proprietary drink mixes are the cornerstone of the concept. For decades, this has led to consistency across the board as the brand expands, keeping drink costs in line for operators.

Fat Tuesday has a proven track record of success, with a scalable concept and financial strength to match. With a lower than industry average initial investment and a high return on investment, the brand prides itself on having one of the best gross margins in the industry.



How Much Does It Cost?

Initial investments for a Fat Tuesday location ranges from $544,000 to $931,000 for a free standing Fat Tuesday location and between $479,000 to $1,079,000 for an in-line Fat Tuesday location.

Meet the Fat Tuesday Team

The Fat Tuesday team is comprised of a skilled team of industry veterans with a diverse range of professional backgrounds. They each bring unique skills and experience to the table and are united by a shared passion for the brand. These executives work together to support both Fat Tuesday's growth and its network of franchisees:

David Briggs, Chairman of the Board

Travis Briggs, President and CEO

James Vitrano, General Counsel and Chief Development Officer

Danny Drago, Secretary and CFO