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Delivering Value at Convention: Share Your Ideas!
Delivering Value at Convention: Share Your Ideas!

Your role as the franchisor is not just to deliver your agenda at the convention, but to ensure there is value to the franchisees to be there. They are taking time away from their business – how do you make sure it’s worth it?

I recently returned from attending EmployBridge’s convention for the Remedy Intelligent Staffing and Westaff franchisees. I was invited to present the findings of their annual franchisee satisfaction evaluation.

The idea was to add perspective to their data in comparison to the franchise industry benchmark, share best practices, facilitate conversation on areas of improvement, and help align expectations for the coming year.

But I also came away with some valuable ideas on how EmployBridge uses their annual convention to deliver value to their franchisees. Not only do they show their appreciation by splurging on their franchisees, they also ensure they make it worthwhile for franchisees to take time away from their business to be there.

From an exciting “Franshark” competition, to fostering a culture of transparency with a “behind the curtain” look at financials, sharing franchisee satisfaction survey data, and direct access to brand leadership, to celebrating individual success stories, EmployBridge uses the convention to set a tone for success and get franchisees excited and engaged with the future of the brand. (You can find out more about these ideas here.)

Being part of such an energizing experience got me to wondering what types of ideas other brands have implemented to make their convention valuable and inspiring for their franchisees. We want to know what has worked for you.

If you have other ideas that work well at your conference we encourage you to submit them here!  Like our first “Smart Ideas” project last year, we will compile and share them.

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