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Making the Case for Franchisee Satisfaction Surveys
Making the Case for Franchisee Satisfaction Surveys

Overcoming objections to franchisee satisfaction surveys just got easier. These seven key conversation starters should make any franchise executive sit up and take notice.

Franchisee satisfaction is a primary indicator of long-term system growth and success in measuring the health of any franchise system. When your franchisees are happy and engaged, their businesses are more likely to be successful and they validate well, two things that benefit your bottom line.

High franchisee satisfaction is attainable for almost any franchise that is committed to making it a priority. It all starts with surveying your franchisees to get their feedback.

Every team within your system--leadership, operations, development, marketing, public relations--can benefit from surveying your franchisees on a regular basis. But, in order to reap the value of franchisee satisfaction data, you need buy-in from the key stakeholders in your system.

If you’re challenged with getting other leaders in your organization on board, these seven key points will help you start a conversation with them and make a case for investing in franchisee satisfaction.

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