New Data Sheds Light on Multi-Unit Franchising
New Data Sheds Light on Multi-Unit Franchising

Franchise Business Review, a leading franchise market research firm recently surveyed over 9,000 multi-unit franchisees to compile the list of the Top Multi-Unit Franchises for 2017. The research revealed insights into what multi-unit franchisees think about their franchising experience.

Experienced multi-unit franchisees advise those contemplating becoming one to think long and hard about doing so prior to taking the leap. They know that being a successful multi-unit franchisee requires a certain type of personality, financial wherewithal, and corporate support. It’s crucial to do extensive research to determine if a franchise brand can properly support you as a multi-unit operator and to understand what it is like being a multi-unit operator. 

Franchise Business Review recently surveyed 9,125 multi-unit franchisees representing 317 franchise brands to determine the brands that had high enough franchisee satisfaction to make its 2017 Top Multi-Unit Franchises list. Brands that made the list such as Checker’s & Rally’s, Miracle Method Surface Refinishing, Right at Home, Sport Clips and TWO MEN AND A TRUCK highlight the wide array of franchise sectors that exist.

Below are findings from the firm’s research that shed light on what its like to be a multi-unit franchisee.

Traits of Multi-Unit Franchisees What a typical multi-unit franchisee looks like


  • 65% male
  • ?24% female
  • 11% male/female partnership


  • 67% have bachelors degree or higher
  • 22% have an advanced degree (overlap with above)
  • 20% have no college degree

Multi-Unit Franchise Owner Pre-Tax Income Data

Based on # of Units

  • 2 units - $98,300
  • 3 units - $123,400
  • 4 units - $138,300
  • 5+ units - $177,300

Based on Years in Business

  • <2 years - $59,200
  • 2-5 years - $87,500
  • 6-9 years - $132,900
  • 10+ - $191,800 

Top Three Most Lucrative Multi-Unit Franchise Sectors

  • Real Estate
  • Food
  • Senior Services

What Multi-Unit Franchisees Think About Their Franchising Experience

  • I enjoy operating this business - 90%

  • ?I enjoy being part of this organization - 88%
  • Overall satisfaction with franchise - 84%
  • Overall satisfaction with franchisor and the opportunity provided - 84%
  • Would recommend their franchise brand to others - 83%
  • I respect my franchisor - 83%
  • Would "do it again" knowing what they know today - 80%
  • I believe my franchisor acts with a high level of integrity - 79%
  • Is meeting financial expectations - 63%

To learn what to look for in a franchise from a multi-unit investment perspective, how to finance multi-unit expansion, and receive advice from both multi-unit franchisees and franchisors regarding achieving multi-unit success, read Franchise Business Review’s Top Multi-Unit Franchises guide