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About Green Home Solutions

Green Home Solutions is the only mold removal choice for independent owners who want to join an organization that has a nationally recognized brand, owner support programs, consolidated marketing, product and equipment services. They are ranked annually as one of the nation’s top 500 home based services, and the brand is committed to eco-friendly services that are in demand by consumers, realtors, and contractors.

Their services include:

  • Mold and Odor Control
  • An EPA-registered ultra-fine misting system that kills and destroys mold.
  • Indoor Air Quality Testing
  • Probiotic Air Purification
  • Indoor Disinfection for homes, schools, office, gym's day care centers
  • Working with other natural and plant-based ingredients, also helps control inanimate airborne impurities like pet dander, pollen, dust mite matter, insect waste.
  • Natural odor control eliminates common household odors including smoke, pet odors, waste, spoiled foods and trash molecularly. This does not just cover odors up.

The Benefits of Owning a Green Home Solutions Franchise:

  • Large market potential: over 62% of U.S. consumers intend to use Environmentally friendly household products and services
  • Products are safe for people and the environment, natural and made in the USA
  • Low start-up costs: low franchise fee, no storefront, no leases, no signage, quick training cycle
  • Family-friendly work hours let you enjoy life - naturally!
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How Much Can You Make

As with every franchise opportunity, success is a combination of the industry demand, the franchise system/model and each individual owner’s efforts and work ethic.  Green Home Solutions is selective in its franchisee awarding process so that they can ensure they are partnering with individuals that share their values, their mission and their willingness to do what it takes to be successful. With those criteria in place, they’ve been able to achieve high levels of success.  To see specific numbers and learn more, click here

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What is The Investment

Start-up costs to open a Green Home Solutions vary from market to market.  The overall investment ranges from $50,475 to $132,000. This includes a one-time franchise fee of $20,000, with additional territories available to purchase for a reduced fee.  As with most franchises, the brand does collect a royalty on gross sales to cover its ongoing training and support, and for continuing use of its franchise license, marks, etc.  This royalty that's set up is tiered from 10% to 7% of gross revenues based a franchisee's volume.  As an owner's revenues go up, their royalty percentage goes down.  More information can be found in the Item 7 of Green Home Solutions' Franchise Disclosure Document.


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