How Old Dogs are Teaching Their Industry New Tricks
How Old Dogs are Teaching Their Industry New Tricks

Starting in the early 1970s as a pioneering 24/7/365 fitness brand, WORKOUT ANYTIME is anything but dated.

WORKOUT ANYTIME, a 24-hour, seven-days-a-week fitness concept founded in the 1970s, capped off the previous two quarters with resounding success and growth. Currently, WORKOUT ANYTIME has more than 80 locations throughout the U.S., but now has strong focus on accelerating growth to establish a foothold in all U.S. markets and beyond. The brand is looking to cross the 100-unit mark by the end of 2015, and to open 400 units over the next three years.

Riding the wave of a landmark year, the health and wellness franchise has continued to solidify a reputation for accessibility on both the consumer and franchisee front. Now, they’re moving on to the industry as a whole by redefining and reinvigorating the fitness sector.

“Our commitment to the very best model available in the franchise fitness industry has helped separate WORKOUT ANYTIME from the crowded pack,” said Steve Strickland, CEO and co-founder of WORKOUT ANYTIME. “It’s a testament to the hard work and dedication of our corporate team and franchisees that we’re off to a pace of hitting nearly 50 new deals this year with a pipeline of new club openings that will put us well over the 100 mark by year’s end.”

Along with its rapid expansion, WORKOUT ANYTIME has also added some industry experts to its docket to stay on the cutting-edge. The brand established a partnership with franchise consulting company FranNet with the goal of exposing more entrepreneurs to its franchisee model. In just the first week of the partnership, WORKOUT ANYTIME completed a deal with a military veteran with plans to open a club in South Carolina by the end of the year.

WORKOUT ANYIME’s impressive growth potential is powered by a passionate and growing system of franchisees looking to introduce quality fitness centers to more communities, whether in existing or new markets. For example, in their home market of Atlanta, WORKOUT ANYTIME has opened more than 25 clubs. However, the brand is also exploring new territories, including top development markets — Indiana, Alabama, Florida, Cincinnati and Chicago — as well as a move into Canada for the first time.

The 24-hour model and the fitness franchise segment continues to build strength and rise in popularity, and as competitors sell out territories, WORKOUT ANYTIME is primed for huge national growth across the U.S.

“It’s an incredibly exciting time to be working with a fitness franchise because the industry is booming more than ever,” Strickland said. “Our goal is to continue opening fitness locations throughout 2015 for the added convenience of our consumers, but also to provide additional business opportunities for our current and prospective franchisees.”

While the 24/7 – 365 concept is integral to WORKOUT ANYTIME’s success, it’s the brand’s overall structure that really thrills franchisees. While fitness giants like Planet Fitness have been cropping up across the globe, WORKOUT ANYTIME has actually benefited from the competitor’s growth. As Planet Fitness expands its sprawl, so does the scope of the fitness franchise space, and WORKOUT ANYTIME is more than prepared to fill it.