How Rebranding Helped Massage Envy Stand Out as the Leading Massage Therapy Franchise
How Rebranding Helped Massage Envy Stand Out as the Leading Massage Therapy Franchise

The massage therapy industry is a competitive one. But Massage Envy created the perfect rebranding recipe to stand out from the crowd.

Since 2002, Massage Envy has been the leading pioneer of the massage therapy franchise, growing its industry-leading business model throughout the United States.

Nearly 14 years later, Massage Envy is still paving the way. As one of the largest employers of massage therapists and estheticians, Massage Envy has more than 25,000 dedicated professionals that provide best-in-class services to over 1.65 million members. And today, with more than 1,100 franchise locations in 49 states, the brand recently celebrated an important milestone—signing a 100-unit, 15-year deal in Australia.

But Massage Envy isn’t one to rest on its laurels. In fact, much of the brand’s success is due to its constant innovation. Most recently, under the guidance of Debbie Gonzalez, Massage Envy’s Chief Brand Officer, the company unveiled a new brand positioning. In its recently launched advertising campaign, “Because Everything,” Massage Envy touts that it wants to help people manage the side effects of living. It’s a strategy that reminds everyone that everyday living takes a toll, and that total body care should be a part of a total wellness routine right alongside eating right and exercise.

It’s a simple, yet profound, concept, and Gonzalez believes it’ll help take the brand to new heights—especially now, as more and more company’s try to duplicate Massage Envy’s services.

“While anyone can open a massage location, bringing loyal clients back again and again is much more complex than you might realize. What we’ve learned over the years did inspire us to do more than a simple rebrand and logo update. Our ‘Total Body Care’ vision focuses on how we stay proactive and position ourselves for continued success,” Gonzalez told CMO Outlook. “We looked at the brand from the inside out, starting with our core values and company purpose and vision. We talked to everyone, from clients to franchisees. Out of these discussions, came one critical shift: we moved from a mission-based statement to purpose-based statement, which puts the client front and center. That purpose is simply ‘to help people feel their best.’ And while the statement is simple, its meaning is quite profound. When you think about what that means for how we evolve our model and how we go to market, it’s very powerful.”

The concept of “Total Body Care” is ultimately a reminder to take a moment to pause. Gonzalez believes that treating your body shouldn’t be a luxury, but rather a way to manage the harsh blows that life can sometimes throw our way. It’s about showing both new and existing customers that Massage Envy is committed to helping people feel their best—shifting the focus away from a luxury service to a health and wellness brand.

“We have come a long way since the company’s start, and a lot of people copied our model. We needed to plan the future of the brand,” Gonzalez said in an article with AdAge. “This was an opportunity to make the brand more modern and approachable with the idea that the regular life we live brings opportunities to benefit from massages and skincare. We want people to view Massage Envy as a lifestyle.”