Husband-Wife Duo Continue to Innovate in Franchise Journalism
Husband-Wife Duo Continue to Innovate in Franchise Journalism

Therese Thilgen and Gary Gardner stay on the cutting edge with Franchise Update.

 In the franchise industry, sometimes “now” is a little too late. How do brands stay on top of market trends? Who are the movers and shakers in franchising? In what direction should franchisors be heading?

That’s where Franchise Update enters as the industry’s saving grace. Founded in 1988 by husband-wife duo Gary Gardner and Therese Thilgen, the quarterly magazine has flourished into a multimedia force catering to members of the franchise industry.

Since its inception, Franchise Update has strived to serve as a stalwart resource for franchisors seeking cutting edge industry news. The publication has escalated into something much larger since its humble beginnings; it is now a multimedia outlet with a definitive point of view and zest for innovation.

Along with its dedication to timeliness and relevance, Franchise Update has also become engaged with social issues within the franchise industry. A topic particularly close to CEO Therese Thilgen’s heart is female advancement in the workplace.

“Women are well aware that having mentors and mentoring other women, sharing our stories, our challenges, our best practices and learning are all critical to shifting…to some form of a level playing field,” she told Franchise Update.

Designed for the successful and sophisticated, Franchise Update has remained progressive in the veins of both its content and branding. The publication seeks to keep executives, franchisors and franchisees ahead of the curve in a constantly evolving industry. As the franchise itself expands to far corners of the world, its franchisee base grows with it. A rapidly expanding audience of Franchise Update is multi-unit franchisees.

"Multi-unit franchisees continue to evolve by facing reality. They're a resilient group that succeeds because optimism is part of their nature,” Therese said in an interview with Franchise Update. "These are the kinds of business operators who inspire others with their vision, leadership, and success."

Vision, leadership, success—those are the values that Franchise Update has instilled in its reporting for 27 years and counting.