CNBC: IFA Seeks Clarity on Joint-Employer Rule
CNBC: IFA Seeks Clarity on Joint-Employer Rule

As a new administration prepares to enter the White House, members of the business and franchising community are optimistic about the future and potential deregulations.

With President-elect Donald Trump set to take office in just a few weeks, businesses—and their owners—are feeling more optimistic about the future of the American economy. And as CNBC notes, that’s because small business owners are expecting positive changes in the months and years ahead.

One of those changes is government deregulation. Members of the business community, including franchising professionals, are banking on Trump to follow through on his promises to loosen the ropes on business regulations. For the International Franchise Association, the National Labor Relations Board’s joint employer rule is its first priority.

“Our number-one issue for the past two years is the joint employer rule,” said Matthew Haller, senior vice president of Government Relations and Public Affairs at the IFA in an interview with CNBC. He continued, “It will take some sort of legislative action to actually solve the changes that have been made under the Obama Labor Board. We want Congress to restore certainty to labor law as it relates to the definition of joint employment.”

Other areas of regulation that have the potential to impact the franchising industry if lessened includes overtime pay and minimum wage.

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