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About IFPG

The International Franchise Professionals Group (also known as IFPG) is a membership based organization that has over 800 members. Our members consist of Franchisors, Franchise Brokers, Lenders, and other Franchise Professionals that help potential candidates in the process of buying a franchise.

Hundreds of nationally recognized franchise companies have chosen the IFPG and its members to represent their brand; hundreds of experienced franchise consultants and brokers have chosen the IFPG to power their business. All of these individuals understand the value of being associated with IFPG.

Top Producer Program

The IFPG is far more than a network of franchise professionals. The IFPG is a family of established, experienced, and highly professional members of the franchise industry. We have created an honest and open environment for our network of members. Many of our members contribute and educate other members which helps strengthen and educate the overall network. Since all of our members are already established many of them have 10-15+ years of franchise experience.

About IFPG
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