Kallpod Info

About Kallpod

Kallpod allows for real-time engagement between guests, service staff and internal teams, which elevates the ways customers are able to interact with servers. Kallpod allows a guest to quickly summon their server at any time, with each button on the device offering a different function, including requesting the server, another round of drinks or getting the check. The device has been embraced by hotels, restaurants, stadiums and amphitheaters.

Each Kallpod system is specifically designed to suit the unique needs of the client. The technology is currently in use across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. 

Why Kallpod

From hotels and restaurants to stadiums and amphitheaters, Kallpod is able to improve service times and heighten customer engagement and service times. As technology becomes increasingly popular in the restaurant space, Kallpod creates a streamlined experience without removing the human interaction factor. As wait times for service decrease and guests gain control of the frequency that the server visits their table, Kallpod is able to nearly eliminate complaints that come after a bad experience.

A Quick Overview
The Kallpod Team

The Kallpod leadership team is comprised of professionals from diverse business backgrounds. As a result, each brings unique skills and experiences to the table that help the company thrive. They are united by a shared passion for the brand and for preparing clients to succeed. 

Here are a few executives that are working together to help the brand and its clients reach their full potential:

Gabriel Weisz, CEO

Steven Barrow Barlow, COO

Elizabeth Hwang, Director of Client Services

Tina Alaniz, Client Relations