My Favorite Muffin Info

About My Favorite Muffin

Though My Favorite Muffin’s delightfully delicious namesake product has been available at its café locations throughout the U.S. for more than three decades, the brand is now planning to enter new markets across the country with its bakery concept focusing exclusively on muffins, My Favorite Muffin Gourmet Muffin Bakery™.

The brand's menu boasts as many as 30 flavor profiles daily that utilize chef-driven, proprietary batters to deliver a gourmet product that maintains a cake-like crumb structure and texture while still being low in cholesterol. Customers can enjoy classic favorites like Blueberry and Chocolate Chip as well as an assortment of unique creations like Boston Cream Pie or Cinnamon Swirl Cheesecake as large or mini muffins. Muffins are made on-site each day, resulting in unmatched freshness and flavor.

Why My Favorite Muffin

Now more than ever, the time is ripe to get in on the ground floor of a low-cost, national brand-backed franchise. The top five reasons to buy a My Favorite Muffin Gourmet Muffin Bakery franchise are lower food costs, a lack of competition in the category, a proven track record of success, a franchisee-focused system and My Favorite Muffin's simple business model that leads to high returns and a good work/life balance.

How Much Does it Cost?

Startup costs for a My Favorite Muffin Gourmet Muffin Bakery franchise range from $243,500 to $352,500 for a full store or $100,300 to $283,700 for a satellite store.


How Much Can I Make?

My Favorite Muffin's bakery concept has an AUV of $623,159. However, please see Item 19 of My Favorite Muffin's FDD for full financial performance representations. 



Michael W. Evans – CEO

Brian Evans – Franchise Development Lead

Leslie Walters – Director of Marketing & Design

Rosanne Angell – Director of Franchise Operations & Administration 

Robert Kazunas – Franchise Business Consultant