Nation’s Restaurant News: Andy Puzder Expected to be Labor Secretary
Nation’s Restaurant News: Andy Puzder Expected to be Labor Secretary

After much speculation, long-time Trump supporter Andy Puzder has officially been tapped for the president-elect’s cabinet.

On Thursday, Nation’s Restaurant News reports that CEO of CKE Restaurants Andy Puzder has been tapped by president-elect Donald Trump for Labor Secretary. According to the report, it’s long been speculated that Puzder would be put up for the position if Trump won.

The International Franchise Association quickly praised the decision following the reports on Thursday. “Andy would be an exceptional choice to lead the Labor Department and we applaud President-elect Trump for recognizing Andy’s business experience and policy acumen on so many issues impacting employers and employees in today’s economy,” the association said in a statement.

Puzder, a long-time Trump supporter, has spoken publicly about his dissatisfaction with the Obama administration and his desire for different policies. For one, Puzder agrees with slight minimum wage increases ($8.75 to $9), but opposes $15. He also feels that the government should make it easier for businesses to create new jobs.

“When businesses don’t create jobs, employees end up competing for low-wage jobs rather than having employers compete for employees, so wages stagnate, paths to the middle class close and income inequality increases,” Puzder has said.  

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