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About Office Evolution

Office Evolution is a Colorado-based national B2B franchise offering co-working spaces, virtual office services and fully furnished offices and suites. The company built and successfully operated seven business centers across the Colorado Front Range before beginning to franchise in 2012. To date, they have awarded 129 franchise locations throughout the United States. 

Why Office Evolution

The co-working industry has grown rapidly within the past decade, with more than 13,800 locations worldwide and more than 1.1 million people utilizing these spaces. And there are no signs of a slowdown. In fact, the industry is projected to reach 5.1 million members by 2022 according to the Global Coworking Survey.

Since 2003, Office Evolution has been an industry outlier. Rather than seeking tenants that are likely to outgrow their space, the company looks for small, mom and pop operators who are in it for the long haul. That’s why, unlike many of its competitors, Office Evolution's average client remains a member for three years. It’s also a big reason why the brand is on an upward growth trend.

How Much Does It Cost?

Initial investments for a startup Office Evolution business ranges from $288,500 to $853,000.

Office Evolution's Team

Mark Hemmeter, Founder & CEO

William Edmundson, COO

Emily Romero, Franchise Development Manager

Jeff Hensiek, Director of Digital Marketing