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Art Teacher Turned Business Owner Franchises with Pretty in Paint Parties
Art Teacher Turned Business Owner Franchises with Pretty in Paint Parties
Along with being an art educator, Kathy Lee operates her own business as a Pretty in Paint Parties franchisee in Richmond, Virginia.

Kathy Lee has long had a passion for the arts. That’s why it’s no surprise that her career has been centered on being artistic—Lee currently works as an art teacher at a small private school for children in Kindergarten through Grade 12. However, a few years ago, Lee realized that she wanted to do more to share her love of the arts with others.

Lee knew that she didn’t want to give up her teaching job, so she started looking into the possibility of starting a business venture of her own. But before that idea became a reality, a Facebook post from one of her friends caught her eye. It was an opportunity to be an artist with Pretty in Paint Parties, which—at the time—was a paint and sip concept just starting out on the East Coast. Right away, Lee researched the job.

“I felt like I couldn’t not take the opportunity,” she said. “The artist role that Pretty in Paint Parties was looking to fill was exactly what I was looking for. I was apprehensive about venturing out on my own and taking that leap of being solo. That’s why I was so excited about partnering with Pretty in Paint—it allowed me to do something else without completely going it alone.”

Even though she didn’t know it at the time, Lee’s decision to join Pretty in Paint Parties as an artist would soon lead to an even bigger business opportunity. As demand for paint and sip concepts started to climb, Pretty in Paint Parties decided to launch a franchise opportunity. Backed by its unique business model that ditches traditional art studios and instead brings paint parties directly to people’s homes, offices and communities, the brand set out on a mission to create change in the industry. And Lee wanted to be a part of that change. That’s why she officially opened up her own franchise on December 1, 2017.

“There are so many advantages that come with being a Pretty in Paint Parties franchisee. Flexibility is one of them—you can host a wide variety of parties for your clients, and you have the option to create traditional canvas paintings, totes or wooden objects. Plus, our gallery is more extensive than any other concept in the industry. There are so many great options when it comes to what you want to recreate for your parties,” said Lee. “Pretty in Paint Parties also has a great support team, meaning that you’re never solo. You always have a team to fall back on if you need support.”

Right now, Pretty in Paint Parties is actively expanding across the East Coast with the help of franchisees like Lee. From its one of a kind business model to its affordable initial investment that ranges from $14,775 to $37,300, the brand is poised to continue experiencing consistent growth in the new year.

“Working alongside Pretty in Paint Parties provides me with an opportunity to explore my passion. I think of it as a chance to share my passion for the arts with people that normally wouldn’t experience it on their own. Pretty in Paint Parties is the spark that gets people interested in the arts,” said Lee. “I’m still a rookie at this thing, but they have a good support team and an affordable investment that doesn’t require a set physical location. I’m looking forward to hosting more parties in the new year and continuing to build momentum alongside the brand.”