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Why a Pretty in Paint Parties Franchise

A Pretty in Paint Parties (PIP) franchise allows you to truly have the best of both worlds: a home-based business that offers flexibility and a positive lifestyle along with a business that you can bring your creative passions into.  The "Paint & Sip" market segment is a rapidly growing industry, and franchising with PIP gives you the model to take advantage of these opportunities in your local market.  Here’s why PIP is the right opportunity for you:

  • With no brick and mortar location, you truly have a mobile business that allows for you to take advantage of multiple revenue streams including social gatherings, birthday parties, corporate events, team building opportunities, fundraisers, showers, holiday parties, couples nights and many more.
  • PIP is a home-based, low cost opportunity with  a low overhead investment.  This keeps your startup costs low and provides you with the scalability to grow the concept as big as you would like.
  • Since there are no employees, rent or products to inventory, you can be up and running very quickly.  There won't be long delays waiting for the "right location" or heavy employee turnover that slows down the growth of other opportunities.
Own a Pretty in Paint Franchise
About Pretty In Paint Parties

Amelia Courtney and Erica Bridges never planned to go into business together. They originally met and became friends because their children were in preschool together. But after Courtney took a trip down South and attended a paint party at an art studio, the pair realized they had stumbled across something special.

When Courtney returned to their home in New Jersey and showed off her painting, Bridges decided she wanted something similar to hang in her home. But because the idea of a paint party was still relatively new at the time, there wasn’t a studio offering that type of event in their area. So they decided to throw their own party. They reached out to another one of their friends who happened to be an artist, and she agreed to guide Courtney and Bridges—along with some of their other friends and neighbors—through the painting process over apps and cocktails. By the end of the night, it was clear that there was potential for this fun and simple concept to become a successful business. With that, Pretty in Paint Parties was born.

Pretty in Paint Parties was founded in 2012 on the idea that the same studio paint and sip concept could and would be mobile. Why be in the same location when you can paint in your own private setting with YOUR friends, YOUR family, YOUR co-workers, and not a group of strangers?

By 2015, Erica and Amelia knew that there was a bigger picture and wanted to expand Pretty in Paint even more. However, they knew that the two of them being working moms would fill up their schedules, they thought it was time to share the love of Pretty in Paint and offer others the same opportunity to run their own business. Since then, Pretty in Paint Parties' franchise system has been rapidly evolving.

How Much Can I Make?

As with every franchise opportunity, success is a combination of the industry demand, the franchise system and model and each individual owner’s efforts and work ethic.  PIP is selective in its franchisee awarding process so that it can ensure it's partnering with individuals that share their values, mission and passion.  PIP does provide financial performance representations in the Item 19 of its Franchise Disclosure Document.  For more information on how to access this information, click here.

What is the Investment?

Startup costs to open a Pretty in Paint Parties franchise varies depending on the number of territories you are looking to acquire.  For a single territory, the overall investment ranges from $14,775 to $37,400.  This includes a one-time franchise fee of $15,000, with development territories available for an additional fee.  As with most franchises, the brand does collect a royalty on gross sales to cover its ongoing training and support, and for continuing use of the franchise license, marks, etc.  More information can be found in Item 7 of Pretty in Paint Parties' Franchise Disclosure Document.

Our Leadership

Amelia Courtney, Owner & Co-Founder   

Erica Bridges, Owner & Co-Founder