Ability to Go Beyond Traditional Home Staging Helps Showhomes Franchisee Boost Sales by Over 50 Percent
Ability to Go Beyond Traditional Home Staging Helps Showhomes Franchisee Boost Sales by Over 50 Percent

Marisa Salas is expanding her reach as an entrepreneur with Showhomes’ home manager staging program in Coral Gables, Florida.

If you had told Marisa Salas that she’d be in the home staging business ten years ago, she never would have believed you. But now, as one of Showhomes’ biggest success stories, she can’t imagine doing anything else.

Salas started her professional career in the jewelry business. Her family owned two retail stores, one of which she ran for nine years. She even worked as a precious jewelry manager for Neiman Marcus—both in New York City and Coral Gables, Florida—before deciding to take some time off to raise her children. But when she started considering the possibility of going back to work, she needed a change of pace. That’s when the idea of home staging as a Showhomes franchisee became a reality.

“As my children got older, I realized that I wanted to work again. But I didn’t want to go back into retail and take on a job that required me to work nights, weekends and holidays. That’s when my husband and I decided to look into different franchising opportunities,” said Salas. “We were first introduced to the business model through our friend who was a successful franchisee for a home health care brand in New York. But as we started doing our own research, we realized that Showhomes was the best fit for us. Not only was it open for us to develop and own in Coral Gables—it’s concept was second to none.”

Since launching her Showhomes franchise eight years ago, Salas’ business has grown exponentially. In fact, her sales this year are up over 50 percent from 2016, allowing her to add additional stagers and assistants to her team. Salas credits that rapid and impressive success to hard work and Showhomes’ unique business model, which goes beyond traditional home staging to include its home manager program.

“We started seeing rapid growth after investing heavily in our inventory. We realized that we needed to make that investment in order to take on the multi-million dollar projects that were being presented to us,” said Salas. “But our success as business owners is also due to Showhomes. The brand has grown tremendously since I first signed on to become a local owner—between the home manager and staging only options that are available to franchisees, people who come into the system now really have the chance to make it their own. That’s an advantage that I’d encourage others to leverage.”

Based in Nashville, Showhomes offers its franchisees the opportunity to either break into an increasingly popular segment of the real estate industry or add another revenue stream to their bottom lines. And with initial investments ranging from $50,700 and $84,860 and nearly 60 locations currently open for business, the brand also makes its proven business model affordable and accessible to aspiring entrepreneurs like Salas, ultimately furthering its ongoing expansion efforts.

“Franchisees like Marisa are the driving force behind the entire Showhomes brand. That’s why we go above and beyond to position our local owners up for success—there’s nothing more rewarding or exciting than seeing our franchisees boost sales and set records,” said Matt Kelton, Showhomes’ COO. “As we continue to target new areas for expansion, including Southern California and Southeast Florida, we’re looking forward to helping other business owners realize their dreams of thriving as an entrepreneur.” 


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