Starbucks Invests $20 Million in Small Coffee Farmers in Central America
Starbucks Invests $20 Million in Small Coffee Farmers in Central America

Farmers are seeing critically low coffee prices, which impacts working conditions and profitability. The Starbucks donation will help temporarily improve this situation.

Starbucks has announced its commitment to aid small farmers in Central America who are currently seeing critically low coffee prices. According to a recent article in QSR Magazine the brand is investing $20 Million as a way to offer relief to those who have been impacted. The money will go towards farmers in Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico and El Salvador.

“A majority of the coffee we purchase comes from smallholder farmers and the coffee crisis in Central America related to low prices cannot be ignored. We have a role and responsibility in helping smallholder farmers sustain their livelihoods. Their success will help ensure the long-term health of coffee productivity,” said Michelle Burns, senior VP of Global Coffee and Tea.

The price of coffee in these countries is impacting the ability of farmers to cover labor costs and turn a profit. With the Starbucks initiative, these farmers are able to improve the quality of conditions for workers and coffee output overall.

In addition, the brand will be extending its 100 Million Tree program to Columbia. With this initiative, the company will supply the nation with 20 million coffee trees in addition to providing two years of support to local farmers.

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