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Boxwood Partners LLC


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Expert Guidance: Full-Service M&A Advisory

We understand objectives to maximize value.


Exclusive Sale Representation

We close transactions on best possible terms.


Buy-Side Advisory & Pre-Sale Consulting

We identify and assess potential targets.

About the Supplier

Boxwood Partners provides a broad range of M&A advisory services to select clients in the middle market. As a trusted advisor, Boxwood Partners offers our clients thoughtful, straightforward, and concise advice from experienced senior professionals. Our highest priority is to exceed expectations and ultimately deliver exceptional results. We take the time to listen to what our clients want to accomplish and are never shy about offering our own perspectives. Boxwood’s capability to understand complex circumstances or situations, effectively convey key business success drivers and future opportunities, access the most suitable group of prospective buyers, and flawlessly execute a competitive sale process truly sets us apart from other firms.

Supplier Services

Exclusive Sale Representation: 1. Understand client objectives and design a sale process to achieve such goals, including but not limited to, maximizing the value of the client’s business and closing the transaction on the best possible terms with minimal “hassle” to the owners and management. 2. Develop an appropriate buyers list and all of the related transaction marketing materials, which would typically include a comprehensive Information Memorandum. 3. Manage all communications and interaction with prospective buyers, including marketing calls, follow up data requests, and site visits. 4. Evaluate and negotiate offers from interested parties and work with the client to select the buyer and sign a Letter of Intent. 5. Manage the post-LOI closing process including buyer due diligence and the negotiation and execution of the definitive transaction documentation. Buy-Side Advisory: 1. Identify and assess potential targets. 2. Perform valuation and business analysis. 3. Advise regarding transaction pricing and structure. 4. Negotiate Letter of Intent. 5. Manage the closing process, including performing due diligence on the target and negotiating the definitive transaction documentation. 6. Assist in identifying and securing financing if required. Pre-Sale Consulting: 1. Thoroughly assess the operations and financial condition of a business from a potential buyer’s perspective. 2. Make recommendations and assist as required to develop long-term strategies regarding: a. Business development and growth opportunities b. Capital structure optimization c. Financial systems and controls d. Management requirements e. Technology and IT systems f. Timing of a potential sale or recapitalization