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FBA is known as the "Smart community standing for the good in franchising." We were founded in 2008 on a mission to provide access and understanding to good franchises. We do that by providing a human touch in the franchise discovery and award process with our network of highly trained, character verified, and emotionally intelligent franchise brokers. They help franchise buyers to find, vet, fund, and own a good franchise. Over the years, we began recognizing that there is not one franchise that fits all. So we invest in the latest data and analytics to show that our company values match our franchise recommendations. With this model, more people began to join our association, and our feedback was that FBA brokers were more successful and satisfied with their career progression. This is how we came to form the Franchise Training Institute (FTI), our 5-week introduction to franchise brokering. While we continue to grow, we are constantly re-committing our mission to empower people, businesses, and communities through secure franchise opportunities with truthful and clear guidance.