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Employee Platform Built for the Frontline

Focused on the employee experience to power the guest experience.


Talent Acquisition Software

Easily discover thousands of candidates that fit your unique hiring criteria using smart filters.


Your Team Powers Your Restaurant

Predict and intervene turnover before it's too late. Reach your teams where they already work & live.

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Harri is the global leader in Frontline Employee Experience technologies. The Harri Platform is built for companies with service at the heart of their business and includes solutions for talent attraction, workforce management, employee engagement, and compliance. Harri enables organizations to intelligently recruit, retain, and manage the best talent to run and improve their businesses. It serves over 55,000 restaurant and hotel locations and four million hospitality employees globally, with emerging growth in retail and healthcare.

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Harri is on a mission to build technologies that drive business performance through unparalleled employee experience. Our human capital management software is a globally recognized solution serving the hospitality industry across talent acquisition, employee engagement and accelerating business growth.