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Hello Results was founded by Matt and Jennifer Lucas. The Lucas' have been around franchising since 2006 as a franchisee, franchisor and as franchise consultants. Matt and Jennifer realized they were spending too much of their time chasing leads for appointments rather than focusing on the "buyers" in the pipeline to close more deals. From there, the Hello Results system was created. Hello Results specializes in Appointment Setting for Franchise Consultants and Business Brokers. Each of our clients are provided with a dedicated Customer Service Manager as well as an Appointment Setter. Hello Results also provides email drip campaigns that our clients can choose to take advantage of for their non responding leads.

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We diligently comb through each and every one of your leads – we contact each one up to 4 times by phone, 4 times via SMS text message, and 6 times via email. We track progress. We then pass the “gold” on to you with a firm appointment set with a warm lead ready to find a franchise. Letting you focus your time on closing franchise sales.