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Internicola Law Firm


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National law firm

Provides boutique-level legal, franchise development, and strategic advisory services.


Fixed Fee Legal

Fixed fee legal, franchise compliance, development, and FDD registration services.


More than Legal

Clients benefit from growth-focused advisory services and tools.


About the Supplier

The Internicola Law Firm helps emerging brands get the legal support they need, resources for growth, and strategies to win at franchising. For over 20 years, we have been helping numerous emerging brands build, expand, and protect their franchise systems with proven strategies, guidance, and know-how. Established by Charles N. Internicola, and nationally recognized by Super Lawyers, we are a law firm with the heart of an entrepreneur. We’re business owners and franchisors, too. Our team is obsessed with seeing emerging brands win in the marketplace. We believe that all emerging brands can win big at franchising.

Supplier Services

Franchise Your Business Our fixed fee Franchise Launch Program provides complete legal + franchise development services to franchise your business the right way in 90 days. Franchise Counsel Fixed-fee, ongoing legal, advisory, FDD registration, and compliance services for growing franchisors. FDD Registration On-time FDD registrations and renewals including proactive FDD updates, quick turnaround, and FranIQ registration dashboards, tracking, and disclosure tools.