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Maximize & Streamline your Opening Playbook

Strengthen your brand through strong, repeatable location openings.


Out-of-the-Box Solution

Intuitive and centralized dashboards & reporting.


Build Trust and Recognition

Control consistency by communicating standards directly to locations.

About the Supplier

Pacer stands out in the industry due to our commitment to delivering tangible results and being able to help deliver consistently. We help brands create solid openings and provide ongoing support to ensure consistent brand messaging and project execution. By partnering with Pacer, brands gain access to our expertise, data-driven insights, and unwavering dedication to their long-term growth. Join the growing list of industry leaders who have chosen Pacer as their preferred technology solution for multi-location openings and project management.

Supplier Services

At Pacer, we are passionate about helping companies grow. We provide tools and analytics to optimize your openings and deployments to build your brand consistently while maximizing ROI. Our application is a project deployment tool uniquely equipped to manage the complex, franchise opening process and ongoing initiatives to optimize business growth and provide exemplary, consistent services. We make large-scale initiative planning easier and more efficient, enabling franchisors to communicate with franchisees across the globe to plan, share, and execute seamlessly in real-time. The application can be customized to your busniess's specific needs to streamline workflow and give management a birds-eye view on project status. We believe that giving your franchisees tools to enable repeatable processes with continuous improvement allows your brand to scale faster and more consistently. Our tools, expertise, and analytics can help harness your company’s mindpower to evolve your company.