Weekly Web Roundup
Weekly Web Roundup

The 1851 Franchise staff is back to dish out the funniest and most insightful links from the Internet

What happens when you pair the majesty of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony and the musical stylings of Led Zeppelin? Wait, you didn’t let me finish, what if they were played on dueling cellos? Well, that is what you will get with 2CELLOS mashup of the two artists. - Matt Diaz

Even if you are in charge of the world’s largest consumer product, you can still be subject to discrimination. PepsiCo President and CEO Indra Nooyi said she still is called “sweetie” and “honey” and would like everyone to be treated equally. - Lauren Moorman
In this digital age we live in, it seems as if “The End” has become an obsolete term. That is no more true than in the music industry as holograms of deceased music stars are popping up left and right. The Notorious B.I.G. is the latest deceased musician to become a hologram. - Andi Summers

A Starbucks customer had an unpleasant experience after he received his drink. The customer ordered a grande white chocolate mocha and employees wrote “Diabetes here I come” on his cup. - Hannah Kramer

Your calendar isn’t playing tricks on you, Tax Day is actually on April 18, not on the usual date of April 15. Tax deadlines are pushed back this year thanks to Emancipation Day being observed on April 15. - Ryan Paul

Taking notes during a class or meeting has just become easier thanks to Moleskin. The company has made a new smartpen and notebook that will digitally transcribe your notes. Hopefully, it won’t cause any issues during the note transcribing process. - Brigit Larson

Robots have begun to take over the world. Facebook announced tools to build bots inside it’s Facebook Messenger app. The social media site is hoping these new bots will lead to more businesses using them. - Cassidy McAloon

Inky the octopus will not be chained down! An octopus from the National Aquarium of New Zealand climbed out of its tank and slid 164 feet to the Hawke’s Bay where he is now free. We just hope this crafty octopus doesn’t have a taste for human blood. - Chris Zois