Providence Business News: "Spirit of Wireless Zone Award”
Providence Business News: "Spirit of Wireless Zone Award”

Franchisee Todd Bender awarded for making positive impact on the markets he serves

Todd Bender recently received national recognition at Wireless Zone's annual convention, taking home the "Spirit of Wireless Zone" award for his contributions to his employees and the community. Bender owns ten stores and has been making a significant positive impact on the markets he serves. 

“We’re not doing this for accolades, we’re doing this out of a belief, we truly believe in giving back to our community,” Bender told the Genesee County Express. “Everyone comes to purchase phones from us, and we hope they do. We feel we have a responsibility to give back to everybody.”

Some of the things Wireless World contributes to include Gus Macker, Toys for Tots, school lunch and snack programs, Rotary, Lions Club, Kiwanis, raffle support, a backpack drive, multiple programs that support soldiers at military bases, Potsdam Summerfest, Oswego Harbor Fest and Evans Mills Mountain Fest.

“The communities for the most part have supported me so we can stay open. One of our biggest challenges is education,” said Bender. “For some reason, the industry has conditioned people to go to the ‘corporate’ store. I am a small businessman. I can do anything for a customer."

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