Wireless Zone Franchisee Celebrates Fifteen Year Anniversary with the Brand
Wireless Zone Franchisee Celebrates Fifteen Year Anniversary with the Brand

Exclusive Verizon Wireless Franchise, Wireless Zone's franchisee Vadim Levitin reflects on accomplishments and success throughout his tenure

Fifteen years ago, Vadim Levitin decided to take a turn with his career and find a job that gave him happiness and a sense of purpose. Having a background in POS programming, he knew that sitting in a cubicle and not interacting with clients wasn’t what he wanted with his career. Through his job as an analyst, he worked with a Wireless Zone franchisee who introduced him to the concept.

“I found the mobile phone industry very interesting,” said Levitin. “Franchising isn’t something that I had considered, but I knew this industry had an immeasurable potential for growth and am glad I got involved at the time that I did.

While he didn’t have a strong background in business ownership, Levitin realized that working with a brand like Wireless Zone would give him the training and tools he needed in order to be successful.

“The franchise industry might not be for everyone, but it was ultimately the opportunity I wanted,” said Levitin. “It’s similar to owning or renting a home. There are some people that want to own their own home and deal with all the issues that happen along the way, but others would rather rent and let the property management deal with any issues. I like having the support of the corporate team to help with ordering and other aspects of my business while still being able to be the face of the company and make it my own.”

The structure of a franchised business has allowed Levitin to accomplish his personal career goal of being in front of customers. The current owner of two Wireless Zone locations in Brooklyn, New York, he and his son, Alex, use a hands-on approach, which he believes has helped drive their success.

“I want every customer that walks through my door to be helped in the most professional and thorough way possible,” said Levitin. “No matter what they need, we will offer guidance. I’ve learned that the only way to ensure that this happens is if either I’m at the store or someone I trust is there.”

While many successful Wireless Zone franchisees own multiple locations and are often absentee owners, Levitin believes the key to his 15-year achievement is being present. This quality that hasn’t been overlooked by the corporate team.

“We are thrilled to have franchisees like Vadim as a part of the Wireless Zone family. His variety of leadership skills is setting the bar for others in the system,” said Wireless Zone Executive Vice President Dave Staszewski. “We are so proud of the accomplishments Vadim has made over the past 15 years and are excited to see what he and Alex are able to achieve in the future.”

To learn more about franchising opportunities with Wireless Zone, please visit http://wirelesszonefranchise.com/.