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For qualified individuals who were honorably discharged from any branch of the United States Military, the Initial Franchise Fee is discounted by 15%.
$42,750 to $91,950
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Mold Authority, the rising franchise star that specializes in indoor air quality and testing, is gearing up to meet unprecedented new demand brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

With a motto of “know the air you breathe,” Mold Authority offers testing services for viruses (including COVID-19), lead, allergens, gases, asbestos, fire byproducts, mold, radon and other IAQ contaminants. 

Based in the East Coast — the epicenter of the first wave of COVID in the U.S. — Mold Authority is looking to grow its franchise system throughout the country, as post-pandemic consumers, businesses and lawmakers are more focused than ever on the environment, health and air quality.

As commercial businesses begin to open back up and welcome patrons and employees, they have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure workplace safety and clean air quality to protect the health of all occupants. This, coupled with the recent nationwide real estate boom, has created a huge need for Mold Authority’s services, as homesellers, real estate agents, property managers and landlords seek to meet legal thresholds regarding indoor air quality while homeowners and homebuyers look to protect their own long-term health.

Licensed and certified through the Indoor Air Quality Association, the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, the New York State Department of Labor, the New York City Department of Environmental Protection and the American Council for Accredited Certification, Mold Authority’s professionally trained owners and employees have been servicing mold issues for more than 18 years and are up-to-date on best mold remediation industry practices and protocol. 

More than just air testing services, Mold Authority provides answers and solutions to the problems they find, setting them apart in this growing niche industry. Through its “Healthy Home Assurance” program, which tracks and monitors clients’ drinking water and air quality quarterly, Mold Authority is able to continuously monitor air and water quality in homes and business environments, offering recurring income streams for franchise partners.

The air quality industry generates $4 billion annually. Now, with  COVID creating increased awareness about how the quality of our air affects our health, the air quality industry is expected to explode. 

Even before the pandemic, states were increasingly mandating inspections and testing in homes and buildings where mold and other environmental issues may exist. 

Many states, including California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Vermont, Virginia, Maine, Illinois and Florida, in addition to New York City, have all enacted legislation explicitly establishing a landlord’s duty associated with mold contamination or radon levels.

Now, with the lessons that COVID has taught us, state mandates regarding air quality are expected to increase even further, along with consumer demand for cleaner air.

Mold Authority provides an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a brand with massive opportunities for growth.

With an initial investment starting as low as $43,000, franchise owners can be trained and ready to service customers within 30 days. As a mobile operation with no brick-and-mortar location and no employees needed to start, Mold Authority franchises have little overhead, making a positive ROI much easier and faster to realize.

Mold Authority’s comprehensive initial and ongoing training provided by the corporate team gives franchisees the ability to learn the easy-to-use equipment, systems and processes quickly. Mold Authority has created a robust and thorough training process that starts in person and continues online with digital resources and training videos. They also offer full-time 24/7 support and administrative resources to promote the success of each franchise owner.

Mold Authority’s breadth of services gives franchisees multiple paths to profitability, and its “Healthy Home Assurance” program, a quarterly testing and inspection service for residential customers, offers recurring income streams. 

Providing air filtration devices, air filters, dehumidification systems, water filtration and other air quality products that improve the overall indoor environment, Mold Authority’s menu of products provide additional income opportunities for investors looking to partner with this growing post-COVID brand.

Current home inspectors and those in the home services field are an ideal fit for the brand, especially mom-and-pop inspection and testing businesses that can benefit from Mold Authority’s corporate support and franchise network. However, with its extensive training and onboarding, no prior training or expertise is required.

The initial investment for a Mold Authority franchise ranges from $42,750 to $91,950. For more information about franchising with Mold Authority, visit

Mold Authority Executive Q&A: Tom Re, President

Mold Authority President, Tom Re


Mainland: How did Mold Authority come to be? What was the inspiration to start the company?

Tom Re: I spent many years on Wall Street as a financial analyst looking for trends within various sectors. That’s when I learned about the environmental industry. What I saw was tremendous growth prospects in all areas of the industry, and that’s what motivated me to start a mold remediation company. Later, in 2018, my six-year-old son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. When I started looking into how children get this terrible disease, I learned that environmental exposure was one of the primary possibilities. At that point, I made it my mission to build a company that would help people identify and eliminate indoor air contaminants and their effects. 

We are the first national indoor air testing company that services both commercial and residential consumers. Most of our competitors primarily provide commercial services, which makes them unaffordable for families who want to test the air quality in their homes. I felt there was a real need for a company that would allow homeowners to address air quality issues.

Mainland: Aside from residential services, what sets Mold Authority apart from its competitors?

Re: We provide affordable air testing services, but most importantly, we also provide answers and solutions to the problems that we find. Many companies test air quality, but they don’t correct whatever issues they identify. Through our experience, knowledge, partners and products, Mold Authority is able to provide a full spectrum of solutions that optimize air quality for healthy living. 

We also offer virtual inspections, which allow clients to access our professionals at any time through video conferencing, which provides instant identification of and answers to indoor air quality concerns. I don’t know of any other company that offers something like that.

Mainland: What are Mold Authority’s growth goals? 

Re: We envision a national presence from coast to coast, providing a uniform service offering so customers will know what to expect when scheduling a Mold Authority inspection service. 

Mainland: What were some learning opportunities that the brand leveraged to get where it is now? 

Re: We’ve learned a lot about what our industry partners need in order to provide the best possible services for our customers. We’ve learned that most remediation and restoration companies need specific guidance, guidelines and protocols to properly service clients. So we provide work plans and clearance criteria for all post-restoration jobs that our partners do. This has helped our clients get the best possible services and allowed us to build stronger relationships with our industry partners. We see remediation and restoration companies are our primary partners in servicing clients.

Mainland: As the brand grows, what is guiding its expansion strategy?

Re: We are focused on growing in a manner that allows for maximum client value, and that will continue to be our guiding principle as we expand into new markets around the country.

Mainland: What does your ideal franchisee look like?

Re: The ideal Mold Authority franchisee is someone who cares deeply about healthy, indoor air quality and providing the best possible service to clients. It takes someone with passion and self-motivation. We don’t require any prior expertise or technical knowledge; that is something we can train on. Any passionate entrepreneur with a customer-centric background and a desire to build something great can do well with Mold Authority.

Mainland: How does Mold Authority support its franchisees? 

Re: A strong training environment is the cornerstone of our business. The more informed our franchisees are, the better they will be able to assist their clients. To that end, Mold Authority has created an environment that promotes constant learning and information-sharing to support both personal and professional growth. Our instructors and sales support team are deeply passionate about helping franchisees succeed, and they are never more than a phone call away.

Mainland: How did the COVID-19 pandemic affect the business?

Re: We launched virtual inspections during the pandemic, and that was a huge breakthrough for us. Virtual inspections allowed us to assist our clients in any environment where in-person services were not possible, and that continues to be incredibly valuable even post-pandemic. We are extremely proud of that achievement because it demonstrates how committed we are to servicing our clients in any scenario. 

Mainland: What do the next five years look like for Mold Authority?

Re: We expect massive growth over the next five years as people become increasingly aware of indoor air quality and how it affects their health. Mold Authority will become a household name and virtually synonymous with indoor air management. We will continue to be the dominant player in this underserved segment, and we will continue to innovate to provide more and better solutions for our clients.


Total investments for a Mold Authority franchise range from $42,750 to $91,950. For more information about franchising with Mold Authority, visit

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