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BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Centers Gains Momentum in Final Months of 2020

With the pandemic spurring on a nationwide reexamination of personal health and wellness, BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Centers have emerged as a natural, healthy way for women to lose weight and feel great about their bodies again.

By Alex Lockie1851 Franchise Editor
SPONSORED 4:16PM 01/21/21

BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Centers has offered women a safe, natural way to improve their mental and physical health since 2007, but since the beginning of the pandemic, the brand has picked up a new momentum as customers and franchisees alike look to get involved with a brand that helps women lose weight, feel great, and improve their immune systems. 

The last nine months of pandemic-induced lockdowns have caused hundreds of millions of Americans to reevaluate their health and lifestyles. With gyms and yoga studios closed and only fast-food and casual dining open for pickup, BeBalanced offers a health solution that attacks the underlying cause of weight loss for millions of women in the U.S. 

One reason BeBalanced has gained so much momentum is that many of the women who try the system become converts, evangelizing the life-changing effects of hormone therapy pioneered by the brand. 

Paget Rhee started as one of the brand’s first clients, and now is a multi-unit franchisee in Pennsylvania. Rhee, who founded a nonprofit that helps inner city kids, had dedicated her life to serving others, but once she found out about BeBalanced’s hormone therapy, she found a new way to offer hope to those around her. 

“At age 45, I ended up with a lot of stress after having adopted my middle daughter from foster care,” said Rhee. “I wasn’t sleeping, I was gaining weight, and I had started early menopause. BeBalanced changed my life. I lost 60 pound in three months. That’s about average for our patients.”

With the pandemic causing so much concern for the health of our neighbors, Rhee is proud to provide a service that radically improves the lives of her peers. 

“For me, it’s about offering hope,” said Rhee. “For some women, BeBalanced is about finding their health and finding their purpose again when they overcome weight gain. It’s bringing back their confidence, their idea of what they can accomplish. They start to think ‘maybe the weight gain wasn’t a failure on my part, maybe the hormones made it harder.’” 

The brand’s CEO David Cutillo said the pandemic has made BeBalanced more relevant than ever, and that’s why the brand is seeing such a surge in interest. 

“The two biggest issues women face as they get older are stubborn weight gain and PMS menopausal symptoms,” said Cutillo. “Stubborn weight gain means they’ve been a size six their whole life, they’ve done everything with diet and exercise to maintain a size six, but now all of a sudden they’re getting older and they’re a size 12.”

Thousands of brands promise to help clients lose weight and inches off their waist, but BeBalanced offers something more central to women’s quality of life: healthier hormone functions. With the pandemic spiking stress levels and threatening the lives of the immuno-compromised, BeBalanced’s hormone therapy treats the root of the weight-gain issue.

“Of the two biggest issues impacting women, the biggest cause is stress. Two side benefits of BeBalanced are strengthening your immune system at a seriously high level and helping your body deal better with stress. Stress causes the imbalance which causes weight gain and hormonal problems,” said Cutillo.

That’s where BeBalanced’s proprietary treatment comes in. The supplements and ingredients used in the treatment empower a woman’s system to deal with daily stress while boosting their immune systems. Cutillo said these two perks have become extremely important during the pandemic, and the brand is seeing an increased demand on the retail side. 

Stella Wilson, a pharmacist and a franchisee with BeBalanced, takes pride in knowing the brand’s treatments aren’t simply a Band-Aid on the issue of weight loss, but a treatment that addresses the major drivers of weight gain, sleep loss, and stress. 

“It’s been exciting, as a pharmacist, to see healthier women taking care of themselves instead of just treating a symptom,” said Wilson. “People are starting to realize ‘I don’t just have to take a pill to treat symptoms, I can actually get healthier with BeBalanced.’” 

Wilson said she’s most impressed with how the brand quickly pivoted to online visits and remote consultations for patients. 

“The brand made a really quick pivot — they realized right away we have a service where we can send our products to your home,” said Wilson. “They were very on top of that stuff.”

Additionally, the brand never lost sight of its duty to grow the brand and position its new franchises for success, and Wilson noticed.

“The number of franchises opening in my state and the amount they’re pouring into awareness is really great to see,” said Wilson. “Seeing the centers open up around the country and help more and more people open up around the country has been great.”

For Cutillo, more franchises means more lives changed, and he sees a ton of room for expansion around the country. 

“We’re looking for purpose-driven women and men looking to get into a business that’s in high demand, but who also want to make a difference,” said Cutillo. “BeBalanced is very fulfilling for the people that work in a center and own it — you’re basically feeling like a hero everyday. Women around you are dropping dress sizes, they’re feeling like they’re 25 again.” 

For aspiring franchisees with management experience, the way BeBalanced impacts customers’ lives translates to happy, loyal employees who are easy to manage. Combine that with the franchise’s minimal staffing and retail footprint, and you have a brand that asks for little up front and overperforms economically. 

“In any one center you have just two to three staff,” said Cutillo. “Who are the staff? They’re happy, mature and reliable women who love their job. These are the best people to manage, and having fewer people to manage means better quality of life.”

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