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BeBalanced Weight Loss Centers Celebrates 15,000 Members Helped; Plans to Double Impact to Women’s Health by 2022

By focusing on hormone balancing, the weight-management franchise is leveraging a crucial point of differentiation in its category to grow fast.

By combining a science-based approach to weight management with holistic and non-medical services, BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Centers has won over the respect of more than 15,000 members over the last 5 years. This has been accomplished through its 24-local entrepreneur owned centers, which offer clients an accessible alternative to traditional — and frequently less-effective — weight loss measures, without drugs or surgery. That is a rare and compelling opportunity for millions of women who have tried diet and exercise, to no avail, but are apprehensive about costly and invasive medical treatments.

“Everyone has been told over and over: diet and exercise are the keys to weight loss, but it simply doesn’t work for so many people, especially women over the age of 35,” said BeBalanced COO Jennifer Cutillo. “That’s why there’s still such an enormous market of women looking for practical weight-management solutions.”

One of the primary reasons diet and exercise proves more difficult and less effective for some women is that the way our bodies respond to such external measures is determined largely by our hormones, but few weight-management services actually take hormones into account. That’s where BeBalanced offers a powerful new solution to its clients.

“By taking a holistic approach to weight loss, one that underlines the role our hormones play in our overall well-being, we’re able to produce lasting results for clients who have tried a million other programs and thought they were simply never going to lose weight,” Cutillo said.

BeBalanced’s focus on hormone balancing offers a range of benefits beyond weight-management as well, including PMS and menopause relief, stress reduction, and improvements for mood, libido, depression and a host of other symptoms. 

In the ever-growing health and wellness segment — a $5.6 trillion industry that accounts for 5.3 percent of the entire world’s economic output — truly unique points of differentiation are increasingly rare, which is exactly why BeBalanced, an emerging franchise in the segment, is garnering a wealth of attention from consumers and prospective franchisees alike. 

And if BeBalanced’s early success is any indication, the franchise should have little trouble finding eager customers and franchisees in every market.

“We’re able to offer our clients something that they can’t find with most other wellness or weight-management brands, and that’s an incredibly valuable thing,” said Paget Rhee, a BeBalanced franchise owner with three locations. “When someone who has struggled with their weight or other health issues for years finally finds something that works, they’re going to stick with it, and they’re going to tell their friends.”

Because BeBalanced’s program requires no medical experience, the brand is welcoming new franchisees from a variety of backgrounds. As the franchise prepares to expand into new markets, Cutillo says their team is primarily focused on finding franchisees who have a passion for helping people and also experienced business people who want to take advantage of the ability to grow their business into multiple units.

“This is a great opportunity for people who want to own a strong business that really helps people,” Cutillo said. “Even though the program is science-based, it doesn’t require a science or medical background to wrap your head around it. We want to partner with people who have an acumen for business and a genuine passion for what we’re doing, which is helping people live happier, healthier lives.”

The initial investment to franchise with BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Centers ranges from $155,650 to $208,450, including a $45,000 franchise fee. For more information on franchising with BeBalanced, please visit

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