Buffalo Wings & Rings Celebrates the Anniversary of its Leadership Team with a Day of Service Across its Entire Franchise System
Buffalo Wings & Rings Celebrates the Anniversary of its Leadership Team with a Day of Service Across its Entire Franchise System

12 years after being acquired by Nader Masadeh, Philip Schram and Haytham David, the leading sports restaurant franchise is more committed to giving back to the local communities it calls home than ever before.

For over 30 years, Buffalo Wings & Rings has been raising the bar in the increasingly popular sports restaurant industry. The brand’s one of a kind club-level experience is impossible to beat—not only are consumers looking for top quality food, they’re also more likely to dine in family friendly restaurants that have a positive atmosphere. That’s why it’s no surprise that Buffalo Wings & Rings has been seeing success in communities across the country.

That strong momentum and growth potential has been especially evident over the past 12 years, after Buffalo Wings & Rings was acquired by its current leadership team. On February 19, 2005, Nader Masadeh, Philip Schram and Haytham David came together to invest in the brand and take its development efforts to the next level. To say their approach has been successful would be an understatement—with more than 70 units across the globe and plans to open up a new restaurant every month over the course of the next year, Buffalo Wings & Rings is constantly enhancing its competitive franchising opportunity.

“Nader, Haytham and I knew that we wanted to be a part of a business that could grow in the long run. We each brought something different to the table, which is why our leadership dynamic still works—we all have our own areas of expertise,” said Schram, Buffalo Wings & Rings’ chief development officer. “Beyond the brand’s expansion efforts and breaking into new cities across the country, one aspect of the Buffalo Wings & Rings brand that has always been important to us is its culture. A brand is only as strong as the people behind it, and we wanted to be the best. Since taking over Buffalo Wings & Rings, we’ve built an incredible team of corporate employees, franchisees and employees. They’re the main forces driving the brand forward, and we’re looking forward to what the next year will bring.”

That unique brand culture was evident on this year’s anniversary of Buffalo Wings & Rings’ new leadership team taking the reins. In an effort to continue moving Buffalo Wings & Rings in the right direction, the brand decided to celebrate the 12-year anniversary with a day of service. Giving back to the local communities it calls home has always been a priority for the brand—charity initiatives have always been a part of its DNA. But one significant milestone that fueled its efforts came when Masadeh saw a young child grabbing food out of a dumpster behind one of Buffalo Wings & Rings’ locations. From that day on, the brand decided to join the fight against child hunger.

This year’s annual day of service was run through Buffalo Wings & Rings’ charity arm—the Buffalove Foundation. Franchisees in different markets across the country each selected a charity or cause related to ending hunger in their own community and volunteered on February 19. While the event is voluntary, Buffalo Wings & Rings owners across the country came out to support the cause.

“One organization that I’m really close to here in Charlotte is Elevation Church. They have an outreach program that supports families in crisis, from offering them a simple meal to shelter. So on February 19, my family and I put on our Buffalo Wings & Rings shirts and set out to lend a helping hand,” said Dominic Acolino, Buffalo Wings & Rings’ franchisee in Charloote, North Carolina. “Charity is something that’s important to me and my family personally, so it’s great to be able to incorporate it into our business. Buffalo Wings & Rings has always gone above and beyond to give back to local communities, and I’m looking forward to being a part of this day in the years to come.”

Going forward, Buffalo Wings & Rings plans to build on the momentum from its first annual day of service until every one of its franchisees is participating. By focusing on local charities and ensuring that its making a difference in its development markets, the brand is confident that its charitable efforts will continue to make more of a positive change across the country. 

“It’s incredibly important for the Buffalove Foundation to be tied to the communities in which our franchisees operate. We want our local owners to be able to see the difference that our charitable efforts are making in their own neighborhoods,” said Lindsey Zahner, field marketing representative for Buffalo Wings & Rings. “Given that this was our first year, we couldn’t be happier with the turnout. We’re confident that our participation numbers will go up every year, which will give us the chance to use our position as a rapidly growing franchise to help those around us.”