Buffalo Wings & Rings Continues Strategic Growth Initiative by Targeting Columbus, Ohio for Development
Buffalo Wings & Rings Continues Strategic Growth Initiative by Targeting Columbus, Ohio for Development

The Cincinnati-based brand is capitalizing on its strong brand awareness and name recognition in the region.

In the booming sports restaurant industry, one brand consistently stands out as the one to beat: Buffalo Wings & Rings.

The brand’s commitment to cooking with only the best ingredients and creating an environment that’s welcoming to both sports fans and families alike makes it a go-to restaurant in every community it serves. But the reasons Buffalo Wings & Rings continues to outshine its competition don’t end with its restaurants—the brand is also home to a proven business model.

When Buffalo Wings & Rings welcomes a new franchise owner into its ever-growing system, it does everything in its power to set them up for success. That means ensuring that their new store is located in a community that will support the brand and bring in loyal customers on a consistent basis. Buffalo Wings & Rings does this by expanding strategically across the country. The brand doesn’t blindly open up its doors in new territories—it typically grows its business by expanding concentrically from a central location, giving it the opportunity to tap into a region that houses its core customers. The system also enables Buffalo Wings & Rings to establish strong brand awareness and name recognition before opening a new restaurant.

“With 70 units across the globe, it’s clear that our system is working. The Buffalo Wings & Rings brand is catching on everywhere we open our doors for business,” said Philip Schram, chief development officer for Buffalo Wings & Rings. “We plan to continue capitalizing our momentum by targeting new cities for growth. Next up on our list is somewhere we’ve already seen success: Columbus.”

Columbus is a natural next step in Buffalo Wings & Rings’ development efforts. The brand is already competing very well against some of the city’s most popular restaurants in other markets, and it’s less than 150 miles away from the brand’s corporate base in Cincinnati. That means that franchisees who sign on to open a restaurant in the area will have unlimited access to the brand’s support team and benefit from a group of potential customers who are already familiar with its concept.

That competitive advantage is invaluable for both new and existing franchisees. John Gerbus, one of Buffalo Wings & Rings’ multi-unit franchisees with locations in Columbus, says the city is an ideal market for business.

“The Columbus market offers unlimited growth potential for a brand like Buffalo Wings & Rings. Right now, we don’t have the same presence or recognition here that the brand has in its home city of Cincinnati. But as soon as we establish a larger footprint and more customers have the opportunity to try our food, there’s no doubt that our expansion efforts will be successful,” said Gerbus. “It comes down to the fact that we offer an elevated, cub-level experience at every one of our restaurants. Buffalo Wings & Rings isn’t your traditional sports bar—it’s a top-quality restaurant with a fun and family-friendly atmosphere.”

That unique positioning in a crowded market ensures the brand’s continued success as it opens up its doors in new communities. And as Buffalo Wings & Rings actively targets Columbus for development, that level of success is only expected to increase. The brand has already sold out the Cincinnati territory, and it’s likely that Columbus will be the next big city to follow in its footsteps by selling out quickly as well.

“From a consumer standpoint, what sets us apart from other wing places is the upscale environment and menu. But from a franchisee standpoint, it’s the support from the corporate team on every level,” said Todd Fetter, a Buffalo Wings & Rings multi-unit franchisee and Gerbus’ business partner in Columbus. “That combination is already working for us in Columbus, and we’re excited to see the brand continue to grow throughout the area.”

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