Buffalo Wings & Rings Developing Columbus, Ohio Market
Buffalo Wings & Rings Developing Columbus, Ohio Market

The brand has sold out its home territory of Cincinnati, Ohio and is looking to develop the rest of the state

Since 1984, Buffalo Wings & Rings has called Cincinnati, Ohio its home. The brand has developed new franchises across the country and internationally, but still takes deep pride in their Ohio roots. The brand has sold out its home territory of Cincinnati and is looking to develop more franchises in Ohio.


Over the years, Buffalo Wings & Rings has refined its club-level sports restaurant experience with an expansive dining space, TVs as far as the eye can see and a delectable chef-inspired menu. According to Philip Schram, the brand’s chief development officer, this commitment to providing a great restaurant experience has helped them dominant the casual dining market and excel on their home turf.


“A successful restaurant is one that people are aware of. People see that we have become dominant in our industry and that is why we continue to thrive,” Schram said. “When you have a full market like we have in the greater Cincinnati area, it becomes a selling tool. With a vast web of locations it serves as a billboard for dining guests and prospective franchisees.”


Across Cincinnati, Buffalo Wings & Rings has 10 open restaurants and four that are under construction. Outside of the Cincinnati market, the brand has four more locations spread across Dayton and Columbus, Ohio. Schram said they have two more Ohio franchises under development and they would like to add 10 units in the Columbus territory. The brand is looking to develop more locations across Ohio’s major highways, including Interstate 75 and Interstate 71. He said putting restaurants along these routes would attract customers and investors who are driving by.


“When you look at franchisors, you see that, historically, the best way to grow is to do it in a concentrated manner. And being located along these interstates makes sense in order to expand in and outside our home base of Cincinnati. As we continue our Ohio expansion, as we see Columbus as the next great hub for development,” Schram said. “When people travel from city to city they will see our restaurants along the highway and want to stop by one to eat at, and potential investors may see all the locations and inquire more about our success. With this development tactic we can also attract future franchisees from Indiana and Kentucky who want to develop in their states.”


Franchising with Buffalo Wings & Rings offers entrepreneurs an unprecedented investment opportunity. The brand supplies its franchisees with all the necessary parts to run a restaurant including thorough training, marketing and a corporate support system that will help them along the way. Potential investors are also joining a profitable brand, as average gross sales for the company’s top 20 restaurants is $2.2 million. Estimated initial investments range from $970,000 to $1.5 million.


Schram went on to say that they are ready to bring new franchisees into the fold in Ohio.


“We try to optimize the markets we are in in order to help promote our brand,” Schram said. “Our hope is that as we continue to develop the Ohio market, we will get other inquiries from possible investors that see our success in the state.”


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