Buffalo Wings & Rings Explores Expansion Opportunities in Central Ohio
Buffalo Wings & Rings Explores Expansion Opportunities in Central Ohio

Elevated sports restaurant franchise team visits markets between Columbus and Dayton to create relationships and provide opportunity to potential franchisees

After announcing plans to open six more locations in Columbus by 2020 following a successful decade in the market, Cincinnati-based franchise Buffalo Wings & Rings is looking to introduce its unique sports restaurant experience to several other smaller markets throughout Central Ohio, including London, Washington Court House and Urbana.

“Community involvement is such an important value of the Buffalo Wings & Rings brand and we’ve found that our concept does well in smaller, more rural towns and cities where that sense of community is strong,” said Terri Bornhauser, Franchise Development Assistant for Buffalo Wings & Rings. “We’ve researched dozens of markets, run the analytics and feel that London, Washington Court House and Urbana are a good match to support a Buffalo Wings & Rings restaurant. We are now focused on identifying the right franchisee in those markets to bring the concept to his or her hometown.”

In order to determine if London, Washington Court House and Urbana could successfully support new Buffalo Wings & Rings locations, Bornhauser and Buffalo Wings & Rings Director of Franchise Development Dan Doulen visited several chambers of commerce in late March while also scouting real estate options within those markets.

The team met with David Kell, Executive Director of the Madison County Chamber of Commerce in London on March 23. They discussed the history of Buffalo Wings & Rings, the opportunity the brand recognizes in Madison County, and reasons the restaurant would thrive in London.

“We are a region of Ohio that is growing rapidly and doing very well,” Kell said. “Madison County has experienced both population and job growth, and this community would respond very well to Buffalo Wings & Rings. People would embrace a family-friendly atmosphere where they can hang out with their friends, enjoy quality time with their children and watch great sports.”

Kell said the demographics of Madison County are similar to other places Buffalo Wings & Rings locations have been successful.

“We spent a lot of time discussing how what we have here in Madison County is very similar to places where other Buffalo Wings & Rings restaurants have prospered,” Kell said. “I think we have a strong case for a new location here.”

Buffalo Wings & Rings representatives also visited the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development in Washington Court House where they met with Director of Economic Development Chelsie Baker on March 23.

“The affordable food and family atmosphere would be very fitting for this community,” Baker said. “Additionally, the demographics here in Washington Court House are consistent with the successful locations they have in surrounding areas in Ohio, so we are confident we would be able to support the restaurant.”

Baker said people in Washington Court House would welcome a Buffalo Wings & Rings into their community.

“We currently have one wing restaurant, so Buffalo Wings & Rings would bring great variety that we would appreciate,” Baker said. “It would introduce a fresh and new menu to the community and another opportunity for families to spend time together outside of the home by giving them the option to enjoy an affordable dinner together.”

Buffalo Wings & Rings also visited Champaign County Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development in Urbana March 26. Bornhauser said the company was well-received by all three areas.

In addition to the established presence in Columbus, Buffalo Wings & Rings also has several successful stores in the Dayton area. Located in between Columbus and Dayton, new restaurants in London, Washington Court House and Urbana would help the brand establish a stronger presence in the Central Ohio region.

“It’s about quality, not quantity. We’re focused on creating strong partnerships in towns that make sense for the Buffalo Wings & Rings brand, have close-knit communities and where we have the chance to help a local entrepreneur realize their dream of business ownership,” said Doulen.

“We are choosing not to neglect the markets that some of our competitors are overlooking.”

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