Buffalo Wings & Rings Eyes Expansion Across Louisville, Kentucky As Part Of Its Strategic Growth Initiative
Buffalo Wings & Rings Eyes Expansion Across Louisville, Kentucky As Part Of Its Strategic Growth Initiative

Cincinnati-based club-level sports restaurant franchise concept is meeting the demand for an alternative to traditional sports bars while cementing itself as the go-to option for guests and families looking to watch their favorite sporting events in a friendly atmosphere.

From the Kentucky Derby to University of Louisville athletics, residents of Kentucky’s largest city certainly know their sports. Because of this devotion, Buffalo Wings & Rings is targeting greater Louisville for expansion as the brand continues its strategic growth in its Midwestern Ohio roots.

While sports are important, Louisville also boasts a population of more than 1.2 million people, a promising business economy, and was ranked 30th on Forbes’ 2015 list of “Best Places for Businesses and Careers,” with the city’s cost of living falling 5.3 percent below the national average.

According to Philip Schram, Buffalo Wings & Rings chief development officer, Kentucky is already a strong market for the brand as the club level sports restaurant franchise boasts four restaurants across the state and he strongly believes that there is still plenty of room for it to grow.

“Louisville was an obvious next step for us in our efforts to bring Buffalo Wings & Rings to new areas across the Midwest,” said Philip Schram, Buffalo Wings & Rings’ chief development officer. “The city is made up of a great mix of people, from hard working employees to dedicated students. We know Louisville will love Buffalo Wings & Rings because its residents share our passion for friends, family and sports.”

In total, Buffalo Wings & Rings is ultimately planning to open seven restaurants across the designated market area (DMA).

“First we’re going to introduce ourselves to Louisville. Then once we’re established and our customers become familiar with the Buffalo Wings & Rings brand, we’ll continue to expand,” said Schram. “We want each restaurant to build a base and become an integral part of its community.”

The brand’s practice of expanding its business out from one central location has a proven track record. Buffalo Wings & Rings narrows in on a region that houses its core customers, like Louisville, and then creates a web of franchisees and guests that support the brand. That network then helps the brand expand its reach to even more locations.

“Buffalo Wings & Rings already has an unparalleled network of franchisees in the U.S. that share our love for the brand and its loyal customers,” said Schram. “We’re excited to bring Louisville on board and welcome the city into our rapidly growing system.”

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