Buffalo Wings & Rings Implementing Triangle Development Strategy
Buffalo Wings & Rings Implementing Triangle Development Strategy

The development strategy is also a way to grow multi-unit franchisees

Franchises have a number of ways to execute their development tactics. For Buffalo Wings & Rings, one of their strategies is a matter of geometry.

Buffalo Wings & Rings has implemented a triangle development strategy to help corner a market. Under this development plan, the brand opens restaurants in three cities and finds markets within that triangle. Philip Schram, chief development officer at Buffalo Wings & Rings, said the goal of this development tactic is to pick strategic areas to grow.

“Typically, at first we will look at two cities of where to start the triangle and then find a third location to close it off,” Schram said. “With this tactic we are able to grow from the inside out. We have those three cities to go build off and then can look at smaller markets.”

The brand has set up triangle development patterns in a number of states, including Ohio, North Dakota and Texas. Schram went on to say that the triangle development system is not only a good way to corner certain markets — it’s also a good tactic to get multi-unit franchisees on board.

“Part of the tradition of the company is that when you franchise with us, you have the capability to grow with us. In the triangle development pattern, franchisees begin to understand they have the capability to become a multi-unit franchisee and are able to cover a wider territory,” Schram said.

Schram said they consider existing franchisees when looking at triangle territories so as to not encroach on other business. And he went on to say that they would not implement the triangle for every territory, as some markets don’t have prime location spots available to make the system work. But he said this new method of development has worked and helps them drive franchise growth.

The brand is growing, with franchises being established across the country and internationally. Buffalo Wings & Rings estimates that the minimum investment for a franchise should range from $970,000 to $1.5 million, based on a leased space of 5,000 to 6,000 square feet.

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