Buffalo Wings & Rings owners receive award
Buffalo Wings & Rings owners receive award

The Minot, ND Franchisees of Buffalo Wings & Rings have received an award for a program preventing bullying among teens and pre-teens.

At a recent annual conference, Al and Mary Hauck were awarded the Buffalo Wings & Rings’ Community Service award. The couple won this award after creating and sponsoring a program meant to prevent bullying within groups of teens and pre-teens. Their program “MeanHurts” aims to inspire kids who are not bullied to stand up for those who are. Currently, the program includes speakers who travel to different schools to explain the problems with bullying and try to encourage others to stand up. Al has stated that he has plans to expand the program’s outreach. Al and Mary have been witnesses to the effects of bullying and they hope their program will help those with voices stand up for those without.