Buffalo Wings & Rings Sees Consistent Year-Over-Year Growth
Buffalo Wings & Rings Sees Consistent Year-Over-Year Growth

Stability continues to drive the family-friendly sports restaurant to success.

For the eighth straight year, Buffalo Wings & Rings has seen an increase in revenue, exceeding $2 million with 13% growth of year-over-year annual unit volume.

Backed by the demand for an alternative to traditional sports bars, Buffalo Wings & Rings has cemented itself as a go-to option for families looking to watch athletic events in a friendly atmosphere that serves fresh, high-quality food.

Philip Schram, chief development officer at Buffalo Wings & Rings, said the consistent revenue growth each year is indicative of how the brand is positioning itself for the future.

“There’s been a regular increase in volume over the years and the numbers are a good indication of future growth,” he said. “The numbers are predictable because they mimic the previous years’ growth—there’s been a steady increase and that makes things clear in regard to predictability for future performance.”

As the sports-themed restaurant brand continues to grow, one constant remains: franchisee support.

Backed by a strong corporate performance and a proven system, franchisees continue to reinvest in the brand. Many of the current Buffalo Wings & Rings owners are capitalizing on the success by doubling down on multiple locations to secure their stake with the brand as it continues to grow.

Schram attributes the restaurant’s success to the stability of its franchise model. From a corporate standpoint, the brand follows a strict approach when selecting who buys into the system.

“We are demanding, we say no to bad deals for franchisees, and we stay focused on the brand and who is associated with the brand,” he said. “Being disciplined may appear to be a short-term loss in the early stages, but this approach has proven to lead to a long-term win.”

According to Schram, the unwavering diligence, support and guidelines established by Buffalo Wings & Rings has unquestionably been a factor in the continued success of the franchise through the years.

“There’s stability in management, stability in ownership, and we are creating a culture around that,” he said. “We have a strong franchisee base, we have a great rapport with our vendors, and we all work together to continue finding ways to improve.”

One thing that continues to bring both customers and franchisees to the table is the consistency of the product. Whether it’s the lack of turnover from an owner standpoint or the uniform menu and ambiance at each location, there’s a standard that has been established and it comes from the top down.

“It’s not just important, it’s an ideology,” Schram said. “We don’t take gambles because we know what works. And as a franchisee looks at Buffalo Wings & Rings, they will see that what we have is a quality restaurant and a unique premise that consumers appreciate.”