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Buffalo Wings & Rings Sees Positive Growth While Restaurant Industry Struggles to Keep Up
Buffalo Wings & Rings Sees Positive Growth While Restaurant Industry Struggles to Keep Up
With rising same-store sales and average unit volume, the brand consistently outperforms the competition.

2016 was a rough year for the restaurant industry. According to TDn2K’s latest Restaurant Industry Snapshot, overall same-store sales in the fourth quarter of last year dropped to negative 2.4 percent, marking the worst quarter for restaurants since the recession. But despite that lackluster performance, there’s one brand that has managed to see sales rise: Buffalo Wings & Rings.

The leading club-level sports restaurant franchise is entering the new year on the heels of positive growth. Buffalo Wings & Rings’ same store sales rose 0.5 percent in 2016 while its average unit volume climbed 0.4 percent, proving that more people are looking for an elevated dining experience, even at casual concepts.

“We’re proud to report that we experienced sales increases last year while all other industry trends pointed to negative numbers. It proves that we’re doing something right—customers are still frequenting their local Buffalo Wings & Rings, and our system is continuing to expand in markets across the country,” said Philip Schram, chief development officer for Buffalo Wings & Rings. “There’s a major shift happening in the restaurant industry right now. Consumers are looking for a quality dining experience every time they go out to eat, even when it’s for wings. Our commitment to providing every one of our guests with a club level experience puts us in the perfect position to capitalize on this growing demand.”

Not only does Buffalo Wings & Rings serve both signature menu items and innovative limited time offers made with fresh ingredients, it also provides top tier customer service. That’s what makes the brand stand out from the competition—Buffalo Wings & Rings is committed to creating superior experience for consumers.

The same can be said for its franchisees—the brand goes above and beyond to support its local owners. From site selection and construction to best practices for managing day-to-day operations, Buffalo Wings & Rings’ franchise opportunity is designed to set its owners up for success and encourage multi-unit growth.

It’s clear that the brand’s system is working. With the opening of seven new restaurants and 12 signed franchise agreements, 2016 was the best year for Buffalo Wings & Rings since 2010. And the brand is planning to build on that momentum in the new year. In fact, Buffalo Wings & Rings is expected to open a record number of restaurants in 2017.

“Our goal for 2017 is experience a more regular evolution when it comes to development. We want to see a consistent number of store openings each month, which will ultimately boost our system wide sales,” said Schram. “Between our passionate franchisees and our excellent performance last year, I’m confident that the Buffalo Wings & Rings brand will continue to build on its strong momentum in 2017.”