Buffalo Wings & Rings Sets The Development Bar Higher Than Most To Ensure Its Locations and Franchisees Are Some Of The Best In The Industry
Buffalo Wings & Rings Sets The Development Bar Higher Than Most To Ensure Its Locations and Franchisees Are Some Of The Best In The Industry

The brand's criteria for selecting new franchise owners and sites are higher than its competitors' and that's for a reason.

Opening a new franchise is no easy task— the list of variables a brand needs to take into consideration before getting a new business up and running is endless. From real estate and target markets to potential owners and future customers, brands have to work to make sure that when a new location officially opens its doors, it’s a hit. The process is a lot to take on, but it’s absolutely essential in order for franchisees to succeed.

Buffalo Wings & Rings is one franchisor in particular that is very specific about what it looks for in an ideal franchise candidate and potential site location. The brand relies on certain criteria and much higher standards than the competition when it comes to the selection process. Philip Schram, Buffalo Wings & Rings’ chief development officer, says that’s to ensure its franchises are successful right off the bat.

“There’s no doubt that the Buffalo Wings & Rings brand is one that travels well nationwide,” said Schram. “That’s why it’s crucial for us to find the best franchisees and locations. We know that when our model works together with the right people in the right communities, it’s going to work.”

When Buffalo Wings & Rings is looking for a new franchisee to join its ever-growing network, it keeps three key things in mind. First, candidates need to be on board with the brand’s franchise system. Franchisees need to have a full understanding of the company’s practices and why it operates in certain ways in order to best represent Buffalo Wings & Rings. Second, prospective franchisees need to understand hospitality. As business owners, it’s their responsibility to create a positive environment and experience for customers. Third, future franchise partners need to be financially qualified to open a Buffalo Wings & Rings location.

Prospects looking to invest in Buffalo Wings & Rings should expect their initial investment to range from $2,010,000 to $3,085,000 for a freestanding building and $1,244,000 to $1,855,000 for an inline space. Average gross sales for the brand’s top 10 franchised restaurants comes in at $2,773,000.

“We want to make sure that our franchisees are fully committed to our already proven franchise system. Buffalo Wings & Rings prides itself on being a restaurant customers frequent, and we depend on our franchisees to uphold that reputation,” said Schram.

Buffalo Wings & Rings also relies on three principle rules when it comes to selecting new franchise locations. The first is analyzing data and market research to make sure that demographics, household incomes and even traffic patterns all point to a new unit’s success. The brand also travels to every new franchise site to see it for themselves, and then lastly teams up with a local franchisee team to learn more about the community from the people who know it best—its residents.

“Believe it or not, selecting franchise locations is the hardest thing that we do,” said Schram. “But we work with local experts to guarantee that we’re making the best decisions for Buffalo Wings & Rings. We know the brand from a corporate standpoint, and locally, our franchisees are going to know more about the location than anyone else. Together we’re a perfect team.”

Buffalo Wings & Rings’ high standards for selecting franchisees and locations are recognized in the industry—the brand won the “Data Devotee” award at the Fishbowl User Conference. The award recognizes companies that are leveraging data to improve the decision process in the fields of both guest and site selection. Using data as part of its selection criteria gives Buffalo Wings & Rings owners the opportunity to hit the ground running as soon as a new location launches.

“For a restaurant to be successful you need the right franchisees, the right location and the right brand for the market. Buffalo Wings & Rings’ criteria for selecting franchisees and sites ensures that our units succeed as we continue to expand across the country,” said Schram.

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