Entrepreneur Magazine: Your Business Has Two Options: Adapt or Die
Entrepreneur Magazine: Your Business Has Two Options: Adapt or Die

In order to make it in today's marketplace, brands need to adjust to the current business landscape or risk losing it all.

In the rapidly changing business landscape, it’s often a case of adapt or die – as failed legacy brands such as Blockbuster, RadioShack and Kodak can certainly attest to. Oftentimes, franchise executives need to make changes to continue their growth and to spur even more success in an increasingly competitive franchise industry.

In 2009, Buffalo Wings & Rings had to take a look in the mirror and decide how to compete in a crowded space.

Led by CEO Nader Masadeh, the brand set to work escaping the “man cave” mentality to focus on a more Millennial, female and family-friendly take on wings and the sports restaurant experience.

The gamble worked, and the brand has seen incredible success since the transformation, including 17 consecutive quarters of positive same-store sales growth.

“It’s amazing to see the progression,” Masadeh told Entrepreneur’s Startups. “We track the demographics of our guests, and so far they are exactly who we are trying to attract. And we’re seeing the unit economics we predicted as well.”

The Cincinnati-based brand is growing rapidly, fueled by the rebranding, with plans to grow in key markets including Chicago, Indianapolis, Louisville and throughout Nebraska and the Dakotas.

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