Greensburg Buffalo Wings & Rings Celebrates 10th Anniversary in 2017
Greensburg Buffalo Wings & Rings Celebrates 10th Anniversary in 2017

Community involvement continues to be a core value at the longstanding Indiana franchise.

Running a Buffalo Wings & Rings over the last decade has been an adventure for Terry Powell. Over the years, he’s worked hard to become a community staple in his close-knit town of Greensburg, Indiana.

Powell opened his location on November 17, 2007 during a time when the area was seeing an uptrend in economic development with the addition of a large Honda factory that created hundreds of new jobs and optimistic opportunity. However, as the town transformed and population growth plateaued, many businesses faltered and ultimately closed their doors. Despite the challenges facing Greensburg, Powell focused on making a difference through his business and garnered a reputation as a community pillar and a family-focused restaurant that residents could rely on.

“When I opened the location in 2007, my vision was to create a sports-themed restaurant that became truly ingrained into the community,” Powell said. “When you’re in the restaurant industry, there are so many challenges and moving pieces to being successful, but above all, I think hard work, investing in your employees and giving back to the community are key to making it to a milestone like ten years in business.”

Powell is already scouting real estate and looking at options for a second restaurant on the heels of a successful decade with the Greensburg location. Since 2007, the Greensburg Buffalo Wings & Rings has experienced a 250 percent jump in revenue and sales continue to trend upward. Powell’s Greensburg location ranks in the top ten in the entire Buffalo Wings & Rings system for operational excellence. The location has also been honored for consistently high customer reviews and a high staff retention percentage; more than one-third of Powell’s employees have been working at the restaurant for three plus years.

“It’s so great to build a team that you can trust and rely on, and working with people who have been with us for so many years is a testament to the hard work I’ve put in as a business owner,” Powell said. “One of the most rewarding aspects are the relationships I’ve built over the years with regulars. They’ve truly become good friends of mine and something I look forward to when I’m at the restaurant.”

At this year’s annual Buffalo Wings & Rings conference, Powell was recognized with the company’s Buffalove Award for his commitment to community, investment in his staff and his high service scores. One impressive community partnership he's built over the past five years now involves more than 9,000 local students. Each year, Powell picks a new theme such as being kind or increasing awareness around bullying and prints a slogan on thousands of wristbands and pledge cards which are then given to the thousands of teens. By wearing the wristband to certain places around town, they can receive free movie tickets, free food at the Greensburg Buffalo Wings & Rings and other incentives.

“Being a mentor and an active partner in the community is so important to me as a business owner. I want to have a positive impact on the next generation and I think every initiative we create makes a difference and change in our town,” says Powell. “Buffalo Wings & Rings fosters a culture that supports this mentality and I’m proud to celebrate this milestone with the brand.”