Use of Drone Technology to Monitor Franchise Construction Process
Use of Drone Technology to Monitor Franchise Construction Process

How drones can improve a restaurant construction process.

Son Martin has embraced drones since they came on the market. He owns three--a race drone, a large one built from scratch that can carry heavier loads and a small one that can fly indoors.

Martin started his Civil Engineering college education in the fall. During his off-time, he was flying his indoor drone and got spotted by his college's Aviation Department--they believed his skills could contribute to the existing drone research team. 

This story reminded me of a service that we have available at Buffalo Wings & Rings for our franchisees. Today, our franchisees can benefit from drones flying above the construction site to follow along with the progress of construction. Here is a prime example of one of the newest Buffalo Wings & Rings being built:

Construction processes have always used new technology to monitor progress. For example, at Buffalo Wings & Rings, we receive a weekly report with photos from all our site works. A drone "elevates" the topic with views from different angles.

And because of the newness and coolness of the technology, it can be used by the franchisee to keep social media followers engaged. I would not overdo it, but a handful of flight videos can be a great way to communicate progress. As with every marketing tactic, when drone videos will be become mainstream, you will have to find the next marketing edge. 

Thank you for reading.

Philip Schram

Chief Development Office for Buffalo Wings & Rings