Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner
Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

How Buffalo Wings & Rings’ food focus helps franchisees.

What came first: the chicken or the egg? It’s not a question the team at Buffalo Wings & Rings is particularly concerned with – they’ve already chosen their winner, regardless.

While the brand’s menu is far from chicken-only, its focus on chicken wings comes with a ton of benefits for franchise owners.

“Chicken is always perceived as a healthier product when compared to other proteins,” said Nader Masadeh, president and CEO of Buffalo Wings & Rings. “It’s also more female- and family-friendly, which is very appealing for our concept. At the same time, chicken wings appeal to males and sports fans. You automatically associate them with a sporting event and maybe an ice-cold glass of beer. It works on multiple levels.”

Additionally, chicken can be a more affordable option for restaurants. Masadeh highlighted that while the price of beef skyrocketed in recent years, the price of chicken did not increase at the same rate.

According to Masadeh, cost, or more importantly, reducing cost, is always a factor for the company. Buffalo Wings & Rings is always looking to become leaner and pass on savings to franchisees, which is why new food items go through a multi-layered approval process before being added to the menu.

“Cost is always important,” Masadeh said. “At the same time, the consumer is at the center of the discussion, so we make sure we understand our demographics and study what they’re after.”

No matter what dish franchisees are serving, they can rest easy knowing it will be in keeping with the brand’s greatest consumer appeal: a club-level experience.

“Freshness is extremely important to us,” said Dan Doulen, director of franchise development at the company. “It’s a pillar of our brand, and it’s a big reason why our fans come back again and again. The quality is apparent.”

This quest for quality is personified by Buffalo Wings & Rings Executive Chef Elliot Jablonsky, who is constantly striving to create a diverse menu that appeals to as many guests as possible.

All together, it creates a perfect storm for franchisees. They can count on a menu that serves up fresh, high-quality and extremely craveable food while also knowing their corporate partner is doing everything it can to streamline the process and ensure maximum cost-savings.