Fast-food chains look to add delivery to the menu
Fast-food chains look to add delivery to the menu

Chains across the U.S. are looking to partner with Postmates so customers can keep sitting on the couch.

Fast-food chains imply just that – that they are, well, fast. McDonald’s is trying to speed up the process at its locations by announcing it’s testing out delivery options in New York. The brand partnered with San Francisco-based Postmates (a service that works with Chipotle and Starbucks) to bring Big Macs and milkshakes to the fine people who prefer food delivered to their door.

This announcement is part of a bigger strategy for fast-food restaurants, who are hoping to appease a larger audience with greater convenience. Burger King has already been offering delivery since 2012 and other brands are experimenting with options such as prepay (Starbucks) and mobile app payments (Taco Bell).

Postmates has been gaining market share with food brands looking to deliver. The company is similar to the Uber driving app. Postmates has a fleet of 10,000 or so delivery drivers who work as independent contractors to bring customers French fries and Filet O’ Fish sandwiches. According to industry sources, Postmates is in talks with other companies as well.

The one setback in this grand plan of convenience is pricing. Fast-food is an inexpensive meal option comparatively speaking, but the cost of getting it delivered may not be worth the indulgence.

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