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Footprints Floors Targets Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area for Next Wave of Brand Expansion

A low cost of entry and the ability to work from home are just two reasons to franchise with the Colorado-based flooring installation and restoration business.

By Cristina Merill
SPONSORED 9:09AM 10/08/19

Footprints Floors is making waves across the country as a company that brings a higher level of customer service and sophistication to the flooring industry. Now the brand is setting its sights on the Dallas-Fort Worth market for franchising expansion. 

First founded in 2008, Footprints Floors has grown to 12 locations nationwide and boasts a simple, efficient and cost-effective franchise model. Not only does a Footprints Floors franchise have a relatively low cost of entry, with the minimum investment being $65,500, but franchisees are also not required to have showrooms or brick-and-mortar locations. Instead, Footprints Floors is a home-based concept, and franchisees can hire subcontractors to perform jobs. For franchisees, this translates to not having to pay rent, human resources costs or buildout fees. 

Today, the brand is eager to conquer the greater Dallas market, and for good reason. According to a March 2018 U.S. Census Bureau report, the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metropolitan area had the fastest growth of any other metropolitan area in the United States as compared to that of the previous year. Fittingly, Footprints Floors has 11 available territories in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area. The brand is also open to new franchisees in the Texas markets of Houston, San Antonio and Waco. 

“That triangle there, as a whole, would be a good fit for Footprints Floors,” said Footprints Floors CEO and Founder Bryan Park. 

Footprints Floors is already seeing great success in the Dallas area with new franchisee Alan Boden. Boden has three Footprints Floors territories that serve the Texas cities of Allen, Frisco, McKinney, Plano and the surrounding areas. 

"Alan is a good validator to speak to the franchisee experience,” Park said. “When he launched about two months ago, he set records for most sales in his first month, so we think it’s a hot market wherein our model does really well. It’s also a large market, so we think there are a lot of opportunities there.”

Boden signed with the brand back in June and started operations in July. Before franchising with Footprints Floors, Boden worked in the IT department at a bank. He was affected by a company layoff in April and decided it was time to follow his longtime dream of owning his own business. 

“I was just so comfortable doing IT work,” he said. “I didn’t want to rock the boat. Now I’ve done a total change in career.” 

He looked at construction-related franchises and learned about Footprints Floors through a franchise consultant. Today, he’s looking forward to continued growth with the brand. The Dallas market is filled with opportunity for a brand like Footprints Floors, Boden said. 

There are new houses and new apartments going up every month in Dallas,” he said. “Dallas is a fast-growing city. People from all over the country are coming here and north Dallas has quite a bit of new houses and families. The housing market itself is generally very healthy so that makes it great. There is always a need for remodeling and flooring. I wanted to cash in on all of that new housing and house flipping and resales. I also wanted something to do with people that would involve customizing housing for them.”

Boden’s Footprints Floors franchise has already seen a great deal of action and shown profitability since he started. He has gotten referrals and estimates he has done 20 jobs in the last three months. 

“Footprints Floors wasn’t known at all in this area until I got here, and it’s going to take longer to really become known in this market,” Boden said. “People want a local company with tried and tested methods, one that cares about the customer and is passionate about doing a good job in the Dallas market. There are a lot of one-man-in-a-van companies here.” 

That said, Boden is confident in Footprints Floors and its ability to conquer the Dallas market. He lauded the brand’s business model. 

“The Footprints Floors franchise has a lot of simplicity in its model,” Boden said. “Franchisees get great support from the corporate team in Colorado. We also have a great network with each other, with lots of chat messages going back and forth all the time. It’s a friendly, family-like atmosphere.” 

Boden advised prospective franchisees to listen to the corporate team and follow its advice. Also, franchisees should not get “put off” by the process of hiring a good crew, which he said can be a challenge. 

“There was a lot of hard work in the beginning but running the franchise is getting easier,” Boden said. “Stick with it. Be prepared for challenges but also know that it does get better. This is a tried and tested model and it works.”

He is certainly glad he decided to make the leap and open his own franchise instead of finding another IT job. 

“I’m really busy and I’m enjoying it many times more than the office job I had for years,” Boden said. “I wouldn’t go back to an office even if they paid me more money.”

The total investment for a Footprints Floors franchise ranges from $65,500 to $91,600 for a single territory. To learn more about owning a Footprints Floors franchise, visit

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